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We support public sector organisations in accelerating time to value, modernising legacy applications and ways of working.

The government is a complex body devoted to public service and is accountable to citizens at all times. What better way to prove its commitment to the people than delivering the highest level of service in record time?

At esynergy, we recognise the impact of government operations to the wider society, which is why we are dedicated to helping the public sector manage the intersection of people and technology by adopting emerging technologies and agile frameworks.

esynergy has decades of experience in the public sector and government consulting and working with government institutions, making us a go-to partner in the government technology consulting space.

We work with national and regional governments to integrate digital solutions in their operations while reducing operational costs and improving productivity and customer service.

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Our Public Sector and Government Consulting Experience

esynergy has a background in public sector consulting and worked with several governmental and non-governmental bodies. We were selected to offer DevOps engineering, delivery management, and digital platform development services to Her Majesty’s Passports Office (HMPO). In 2018, the Department for Education (DfE) needed to provide a seamless system to users to avoid delays and complexities on their portals. We provided a legacy integration solution that replaced the current systems with modern IDAMS systems. In 2020, we began a legacy refresh programme with Ofqual and supported them with contemporary ideas to boost their digital business strategy.

Our work in the public sector allows organisations to soar in data enhancement, meet business expectations and, most importantly, give their users a digital experience they truly deserve.

Public Sector Technology Consulting Services We Offer:

Software development & delivery

esynergy’s public technology developers combine experience, innovation, and experimentation to build and deliver user-centric digital systems that are both functional and GDS-compliant.

Agile/Lean/DevOps Adoption

esynergy public sector consultants help civil servants, and other administrators transform operations by adopting agile frameworks, Lean principles, and a DevOps culture to boost productivity and collaboration in the public sector.

Data transformation

Through open source and cloud-native technologies, we unlock the government’s data from outdated siloes and load them onto a structured yet unified database for easy access and analysis of public needs.

Legacy application transformation

Our public sector developers also modernise legacy systems through Cloud and Kubernetes technologies to cut the cost of IT maintenance and eliminate security breaches on sensitive data.

Public Sector Procurement Frameworks

To simplify the process of working with esynergy, we’ve made our public sector I.T services available on the following frameworks:

  • GCloud
  • DoS
  • Tech services 3

FAQs about Government and Public Sector Technology Consulting

What is a public sector and government consulting?

Government and public sector consulting helps organisations achieve their aims and serve their responsibilities. These goals are categorised at local, federal, and state levels. However, not-for-profit organisations are also part of the equation. Public sector consulting can be more powerful than private consultation because of its hugely influential circle.

Consulting the public sector means proposing strategies to keep the nation safe. Furthermore, it also involves introducing public sector software with artificial intelligence and other innovative features. The nature of work ensures that the public can easily access government services for registering complaints or feedback. Public sector consulting firms help intelligence, defence, military, and health agencies.

How esynergy helps with government technology consulting?

  • esynergy guides civil employees and supervisors in successfully implementing operations. We provide expert frameworks and principles that increase productivity and efficiency while saving very precious funding. Simultaneously, collaboration among public sector consulting firms improves communication.
  • esynergy also partners with Azure, AWS and GCS and offers storage as part of its public sector consulting services. We eliminate outdated data and enter it into easily accessible databases for easy analysis.
  • esynergy works with public sector software such as Tech 3, DoS, and GCloud and many more.
  • Lastly, we are one of the best public sector consulting firms modernising agencies’ operations. The shift to Cloud or Kubernetes reduces IT expenses and improves security.

For more information about the services, contact esynergy here.

What are the benefits of technology consulting solutions for the government?

  1. Governments significantly benefit from public sector technology. One of the greatest advantages is better operations that result in improved productivity. Thus, reducing costs.
  2. Public sector and government consulting seek security. Therefore, a tech firm is an excellent choice to protect sensitive data and improve defences. 
  3. Thirdly, public sector technology also contributes to better decision-making. Governments can decide on which project to execute after studying data. The strategy improves policy making too.
  4. A tech firm will improve website performance and launch mobile applications for complaints and feedback, making matters seamless for citizens.
  5. Lastly, a tech firm provides solutions to enhance communication and result in cost savings. They quickly respond to citizens’ needs as well. 

What is a public sector consultant?

A public sector consultant guides non-profit organisations and government agencies. Furthermore, the consultant is crucial to collaboration, advice, product design, and IT systems. A public sector consultant will upgrade government agencies through digital transformation. In addition:

  • Public consultants will strategise, plan, and monitor long-term projects.
  • They will safely guide organisations through restructuring and managerial change. 
  • A public consultant is also an expert in studying data. They aid in decision-making. Thus, enhancing performance. 
  • Lastly, a public consultant is also an expert in procurement. They will improve the organisational employment process to boost productivity. 

In short, a public sector consultant introduces efficiency into the operations while improving services for the citizens. 

How to choose a technology consulting firm for the government and public sector?

  1. When hiring a tech firm for government technology consulting, one must never compromise on experience. Their professional input will provide insight that is valuable for a healthy return on investment.
  2. Secondly, reputation also matters a lot. Governments usually work with firms that offer network opportunities for future projects. Therefore, a well-reputed firm will benefit greatly.
  3. After assessing its project requirements, the agency must study its current operations and clientele. They can request references and inquire about capabilities to ensure the government hires the best.
  4. The most dynamic technology consulting firm stays updated with technology.
  5. In addition, the firm must also be flexible and adapt according to the government/agency requirements. They must listen to the client rather than impose their ideas.

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