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After a number of years working in cloud technologies, we embarked upon on our Azure partner journey back in 2019. Together, we continue to grow our businesses in the highly regulated sectors of financial services, insurance, and government using Azure cloud computing.

To learn more about our work and how our azure specialists can enable you on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework, across cloud adoption, cloud native software
engineering and data engineering (our core competencies), please get in touch.

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Insights & Case Studies

esynergy was selected to partner with the client’s internal teams to develop and build new case search, navigation and redaction ... Learn more

Taxually selected esynergy as a partner to support building a microservices architecture to strengthen continuous delivery and deployment. As a ... Learn more

multi cloud benefits

It’s been more than a decade since Amazon launched AWS and jump-started the move to the cloud. And in that ... Learn more

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