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Solution areas

esynergy offers end-to-end generative AI solutions tailored to your strategic objectives and use cases, spanning advisory, prototyping, implementation, and management:


Advisory Services

Opportunity scans to identify high-potential

AI applications

Vendor and technology evaluation

Data readiness and infrastructure assessments

Change management and adoption planning


Prototype Sprints

2-month structured proof of value engagements to

validate use cases

Minimum viable prototype development

Success metric definition and performance measurement


Implementation and Integration

Production deployment of AI solutions

Integration with existing systems and workflows

Ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and support


Responsible AI

Bias detection and mitigation advisory

Data privacy and security controls

Model risk management

AI ethics training and governance

Industries we work with

Our approach

Our rapid proof of value approach follows key phases:

As trusted navigators in the generative AI landscape, we partner with organizations to identify their most promising use cases through
2-month proof of value (POV) sprints.

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We conduct opportunity scans, assessing your needs and identifying high-potential applications.

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Next we design the AI solution, detailing required data, workflows, and success metrics.

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Our engineers then build a minimum viable prototype for validation.

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Finally, we measure performance and plan production deployment.


Tangible evidence in several critical areas:

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Enhanced customer satisfaction and 
a competitive edge

Customer centric

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Efficiency improvements, cost savings, and long-term sustainability

Sustainability at the heart

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Benefits and Return on Investment 

Value-driven from the start

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Measurable impact on data and insights

Real time and accurate

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Risk mitigation before making significant investments

Calculated risk assessment

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Informed decision-making and alignment with your strategic goals

Insight driven