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Key areas of opportunity

Fragmented architectures & data models

Legacy systems that operate in silos make it difficult to gain a unified view of customers, risks, and operations, which is critical for making informed business decisions.

Replicated systems

Multiple instances of similar systems perform the same functions, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs for maintenance and integration.

Incomplete data models

Data models that aren't fully accurate or complete can lead to a lengthy and complex decision-making process. For insurers, having reliable and comprehensive data models is essential for risk assessment, policy pricing, customer service, and regulatory compliance.

Our technical capabilities

Use cases

Use Case #1

Rapid insights, impact & decisions

Inability to extract, analyze, and act on data from multiple systems fast enough materially harms decision-making and reaction time.


Empower self-service analytics and systematic use of machine learning for automated, high-velocity insights at the point of impact.

Technical approach

  • Cloud data platform structured for analytics with automated pipelines
  • Accelerated BI and advanced analytics powered by machine learning
  • Instant data discovery and insights consumption by business users in decision contexts