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Reasons to modernize

Our approach

Phase 01

Assessment and analysis

Evaluate the current state of the application portfolio and prioritize applications for modernization based on business value and technical feasibility.

Phase 02

Strategic planning

Develop a tailored modernization strategy, choosing the appropriate modernization approach (re-hosting, re-platforming, refactoring, rebuilding, or replacing).

Phase 03

Technology implementation

Implement chosen modernization strategies for each application, whilst adopting cloud-native technologies and microservices architecture.

Phase 04

Quality assurance and testing

Conduct comprehensive testing, ensuring compatibility with existing systems and data.

Phase 05

Continuous improvement and optimization

Implement monitoring tools for ongoing performance tracking and ensuring apps are regularly reviewed and updated based on emerging technologies and business needs.

Playbook: App modernization

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Ready to modernize your apps?

Don't let outdated applications hinder your business growth. At esynergy, our approach to application modernization is designed to be comprehensive, yet flexible, allowing for customization based on specific organizational needs. We aim to ensure that your modernized applications are not just compliant with current standards but are also scalable, efficient, and prepared to meet future challenges and opportunities.

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