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Key areas of opportunity

Productivity enhancement through re-use and open source

esynergy uses AI, automation, and scalable platforms to improve operational efficiency and remove bottlenecks in public services. We focus on reusing technology and adopting open-source solutions to boost developer productivity and operational agility. Our strategy streamlines service delivery, fosters innovation, and speeds up digital transformation while adhering to the Technology Code of Practice for best practices in all technical decisions.

Project to product approach with cross-government collaboration

We adopt a project-to-product mindset, evolving services based on user feedback and needs. Our approach leverages cross-government collaboration to share insights and best practices, enhancing responsiveness and resilience in public services. Aligned with the Service Standard, we focus on user-centric, accessible, and easy-to-use services, promoting cooperation and agility.

User & citizen experience enhanced by digital innovation

We use digital innovations to improve public services, focusing on superior user experiences. Our solutions prioritise convenience and responsiveness, keeping public institutions relevant and engaging in the digital age. Through strategic technology use, we boost citizen satisfaction and position public services at the forefront of digital excellence.

Use Cases

Use Case #1

Cost reduction and acceleration through digital transformation

Public services face challenges with outdated systems and processes, leading to high operational costs and slow service delivery.


Leveraging technology to gain a full view of operations enables better decision-making and strategic planning.

Technical approach

  • Digitisation of manual forms to eliminate paper-based processes and improve accessibility
  • API integration to facilitate seamless data exchange between different systems, enhancing efficiency
  • Adoption of automation for routine tasks, thereby reducing time and associated costs

Our technical capabilities

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