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We’re supporting our clients on their way to value delivery by building powerful products, platforms and services.

Our services

We design and implement technology solutions that support our clients’ business objectives. Generally we find that most of the work we do falls into one of the below areas.


  • Discover
  • Mobilise
  • Modernise and migrate
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  • Architecture
  • Visualisation
  • Governance
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Technical Agility Solutions

  • Agile/Lean/DevOps
  • Transformation
  • Metric-driven delivery
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Gen AI

  • Advisory services
  • Implementation and integration
  • Responsible AI
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Our approach

Companies know ‘why’, we know ‘how’

Companies know why
they need help

Businesses and business units understand their objectives. But the gulf between knowing why you need innovation is different to knowing what it is, and how it’s created. That’s where we come in…

It’s all in how you
build it!

Understanding how to build the right capabilities to deliver best outcomes is our speciality. From which technologies and skillsets are needed, to the specific build approach.

Outcomes that deliver
measurable value

We believe in ‘impact consulting’, which means we believe all our outcomes should be measurable. We build this into our engagement and workflow because it’s at the heart of our approach.

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Our expert community

Our first-class engineers will guide you away from legacy systems to a modern, cloud-native operating model.

At the technical level, we interweave four pillars to drive this transformation.

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Hear from our CEO

“Without diversity in your organisation, you cannot truly understand your customer. In our experience, diversity fosters a culture of change, growth, innovation and empathy.”

Patrick Crompton,
CEO & Founder

Market research

Data is now viewed as more important to enterprises than ever.

esynergy collaborated with Censuswide to survey over 700 company executives from the UK and US.

After speaking to firms with a $31+ million turnover, from multiple industries on their data strategy policies, as well as several key stakeholders, we can now reveal a number of valuable insights based on our findings.

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Our impact and sustainability efforts

Sustainability is deep rooted into the very fabric of what makes esynergy. Whether that be ensuring that over 90% of our waste goes to recycling, encouraging greener forms of transport or offsetting our use of carbon.

Our Goals:


Trees planted per year


Tonnes of CO2
reduced each year


projects funded