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What is a new platform build

A platform is a foundation for building and running business applications. It allows users to deploy and leverage software without having to worry about the underlying technology, which is abstracted away.

A platform typically consists of integrated access to core components such as infrastructure, databases, application development frameworks, UI/UX tools, API tooling, security (including identity and access management), development tools (DevOps, automation, testing, monitoring, analytics, etc.) as well as collaboration and project management tooling.

A new platform build refers to building such a software platform from scratch, to overcome the limitations of existing legacy systems and open the door to new strategic capabilities.

This stands in contrast to other approaches to working with legacy systems such as integrating them together or modernizing them.

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Platform Integration

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Application Modernization

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Optimize your new platform build project with our playbook.


esynergy’s approach to new platform builds is designed to be comprehensive, yet flexible, allowing for customization based on specific organizational needs. We aim to ensure that your new platform builds are not just compliant with current standards but are also scalable, efficient, and prepared to meet future challenges and opportunities.

We’ve created the new platform build playbook to outline everything you need to know to successfully approach a major new platform build project, helping to turn these pain points into business value.

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