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Our sustainable engineering approach

Proactive market & partner research

We assess environmental performance of major cloud providers to choose partners minimizing ecological impacts, focusing on green power and waste management.

Our partners

Baseline assessments & continuous improvement

Initial assessments measure energy use and carbon emissions to set benchmarks, guiding the shift to cloud solutions and ensuring ongoing environmental benefit reviews.

Hear it from our CEO

"Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every facet of our operations. From choosing environmentally responsible partners, to advancing green technologies and practices, we are dedicated to making a positive impact. Our proactive approach ensures ongoing improvement and sets us apart as leaders in sustainable technology consultancy."

Patrick Crompton, CEO, esynergy

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Sustainable education

Community engagement and education

In our community engagement and education efforts, we harness our expertise in green computing to offer workshops and form partnerships with organizations like the Green Software Foundation. These initiatives are aimed at educating a diverse range of groups about sustainable IT practices, enhancing their understanding and facilitating the implementation of these practices across various organizational settings.

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Green Operations

Our commitment to sustainable IT operations

Our GreenOps commitment focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of IT infrastructure across its lifecycle through efficient coding, optimized cloud management, and adopting green technologies. We also encourage remote working to cut travel emissions and organize team gatherings in nature-friendly venues to enhance well-being and strengthen our environmental connection.

Impact accountability

Tracking and reporting our impact

Our partnership with Ecologi underscores our dedication to sustainability. By supporting reforestation and carbon offset initiatives globally, we actively reduce our carbon footprint, promote biodiversity, and drive significant environmental change through Ecologi’s innovative platform.

Our 2023 impact overview


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Sustainability projects funded

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Transform through sustainable technology

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