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Unlocking data at Marie Curie

Neal Venables

20 mins

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Join Sunny this week as he sits down with Neal Venables, Head of Data Engineering at Marie Curie. In this captivating episode, Neal unravels the intricacies of how Marie Curie remains at the forefront of innovation by harnessing cutting-edge technologies. Tune in as Neal navigates the challenges and triumphs of transitioning data to the cloud, harnessing the power of CRM systems to optimize operations, and embracing groundbreaking tools such as Splink to accelerate the adoption of a single customer view. Plus, delve into the fascinating world of LLMs and discover how incorporating case notes is revolutionizing patient services, all in the quest for delivering better patient services. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion!

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Sunny Jaisinghani

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Neal Venables

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