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Sportradar’s Edge: Accelerating innovation and elevating efficiency in sports analytics

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Sportradar, renowned for their innovation in sports technology and data analytics, continues to redefine the landscape of sports entertainment.

Their mission transcends traditional data analysis, using new technologies to collect deeper data to create enhanced products, focusing on delivering immersive experiences for sports enthusiasts worldwide. Their commitment to technological excellence has solidified their position as a leader in the global sports industry ecosystem.

Challenge and ambition: Setting the stage for transformation

Sportradar embarked on a transformative journey with a clear vision to enhance their platform's architecture. Their objectives were multifaceted and strategic, aiming to achieve uniformity across all product divisions, boost overall efficiencies, and foster an environment ripe for innovation within their product suite.

Leveraging their significant presence on AWS across both infrastructure and platform teams, Sportradar embarked on an ambitious migration. Their goal was to transition 95% of their existing infrastructure to a fully managed Amazon EKS environment within a tight nine-month timeline. This bold move was not just about upgrading their systems but was a pivotal step towards setting new standards of excellence and agility in sports data analytics.

esynergy's role: Facilitating Sportradar's vision

Sportradar partnered with esynergy for the migration to improve Sportradar's operational backbone while maintaining uninterrupted service. Shifting to a fully-managed Amazon EKS environment whilst aligning Sportradar’s operations with the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework to solve for optimal performance and best practices adherence.

The transition required meticulous planning, with a focus on containerizing current applications for a seamless fit within the Kubernetes ecosystem. This allowed for better management through Kubernetes, enhancing capabilities like auto-scaling and load balancing. The outcome was a more efficient use of resources and consistent system performance, even when demand spiked.

Impactful delivery: On budget, on time, enhanced efficiency

The operational costs post-migration have been notably reduced and with its infrastructure further standardized, Sportradar can now allocate resources more effectively towards innovating within their product portfolio. With this robust foundation, Sportradar is now ideally situated to leverage AI even further, elevate their service delivery, and modernize their data strategy, further propelling them along the path of technological innovation and market leadership.

“Our collaboration with esynergy marks a pivotal step in Sportradar's evolution, enhancing our platform's efficiency and agility. This move not only boosts our productivity but also reinforces our commitment to leading the sports data industry with cutting-edge solutions.”

– Ian Poland, CIO, Sportradar

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