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Transformation in the insurance industry

Graeme Howard

28 mins

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Join Sunny as he welcomes our first guest Graeme Howard, NED, and strategic advisor. Tune in as Graeme, drawing from his wealth of experience in the insurance industry, delves into the dynamic realm of transformation projects. In this episode, explore Graeme's fascinating transition into Non-exec roles, unravel the significance of value-based delivery, and the key traits that define a stellar tech company in our ever-evolving landscape. Get ready for insights into building exceptionally effective teams, as Graeme shares invaluable tips. Discover his perspective on the transformative impact of GenAI in reshaping the operational landscape of the insurance sector. Gain profound insights into why it's crucial to separate the hype from reality, ensuring that GenAI not only captures attention but genuinely delivers tangible business value. Don't miss this episode packed with wisdom, anecdotes, and forward-thinking perspectives on the intersection of technology and the insurance industry.

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Sunny Jaisinghani

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Graeme Howard

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