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Demystifying GenAI: discover its power beyond the buzz

Customers expect your products and services to be smart and easy to use, just like their favourite GenAI tools. How can you add AI to your products, services, and the way you create them to stand out from the competition?

Seize the GenAI advantage

Organizations can't afford to miss the GenAI revolution. This powerful form of artificial intelligence goes beyond analyzing data - it can create entirely new content, automate tasks in innovative ways, and fuel creative problem-solving. We'll assist your organisation to:

Assess your value chain for GenAI opportunities

Rank these opportunities by their impact and complexity

Agree on the next steps to speed up innovation with AI

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Workshop FAQ's

Who should attend the workshop from my organization?

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Senior directors or above within your business /product or IT or data organization.

How many people should attend the workshop?

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The workshop works best with 4-6 people.

Where will the workshop take place?

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To foster a more interactive learning experience, we typically conduct our workshops in person. We'd be delighted to bring the workshop to your location for a collaborative session.

How long will the workshop be?

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Workshops vary by scope, but typically between 2-4hrs.

meet the team

Our GenAI experts

Prasad Prabhakaran

Head of AI

Prasad is a seasoned product manager with over 20 years of experience in creating data, Al, and technology products for industry giants such as Microsoft, Samsung, and leading banks like HSBC, ABN Amro, and Amex.

He excels at building user-friendly products, championing new ways of working, driving community engagement, and leveraging emerging technologies like GenAl to deliver value for both users and businesses. He is one of the founders of the London Al meetup group and the Datamest meetup community.

Sunny Jaisinghani, esynergy's Head of Data

Sunny Jaisinghani

Head of Private sector - Data, AI and Platforms

Sunny Jaisinghani, an accomplished thought leader with 18 years of experience in data. 
His career spans leadership and delivery roles at institutions like Northern Trust and HSBC, where he led transformative initiatives in digital and 
data domains.

His career also highlights his role as a DevOps and agile transformation lead, cultivating a culture of experimentation and value delivery across 
50+ delivery streams. He has expertise in diverse industries, including finance, healthcare, 
and education.

Adrian Gonzalez Rodriguez

Adrian Gonzalez Rodriguez

Principal Technology Consultant

Adrian has extensive experience as a Senior Technical Lead and Platform Engineer, Adrian brings a wealth of expertise in architecting and deploying diverse data platforms across various sectors.

Adrian's advanced technical skills encompass both engineering and infrastructure aspects, making him an invaluable asset in shaping and leading technical projects. His strong foundation in architecture and DevOps has enabled him to successfully deploy, develop, and define various data platforms in production environments.