Our impact and
sustainability efforts

Sustainability is deep rooted into the very fabric of what makes esynergy. Whether that be ensuring that over 90% of our waste goes to recycling, encouraging greener forms of transport or offsetting our use of carbon.

Our Goals:


Trees planted per year


Tonnes of CO2
reduced each year


projects funded

We’re working with Ecology on saving the planet one tree at a time.

We partnered with ecology as it allows for a simple and impactful way to collectively reverse climate change through multiple solutions. Each employee plants 10 trees per month which is the equivalent of 9 tonnes of CO2 reduced each and every year.


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Peruvian protection of the Amazon.

The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD+ Project is a Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) project. It involves conducting sustainable management in a 98,932 hectare area of tropical rainforest located in the Madre de Dios region of Peru.

The climate project has two main goals: to reduce the pressure from the conversion of land for agricultural and cattle ranching purposes; and to guarantee the sustainable forestry management of the two timber concessions that operate in the area.

We contribute to:

of CO2e prevented from entering the atmosphere each year.

Wind power project in South Africa

This project, called the Longyuan Mulilo De Aar 2 North Wind Energy Facility, is located outside of the town of De Aar, the main town of the Emthanjeni Local Municipality located in the Northern Cape Province. It consists of 96 wind turbines and associated infrastructure. By negating the need to develop more fossil fuel power plants, and reducing demand for energy from existing fossil fuel power plants, this project will lead to CO2e emissions being avoided – an average of 433,929tCO2e avoided per year, for the entirety of the 10 year crediting period.

We contribute to:

avoided per year, for the entirety of the 10 year crediting period.

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