Our work flow

Our approach to cloud and platforms stretches across three different phases


Inventory & Capability

Validate Business Case

Stakeholder Alignment


Security & Compliance

Landing Zone

Operating Model

Platform Delivery

Modernise & Migrate

Lighthouse Workload

Migration Plan

Community of Practice

Our Cloud Solutions
Discovery Process

During discovery, we focus on fact finding, analysis of current technology estate and ways of working, a deep understanding of objectives and aspirations as well as a quantification of what the value is going to be at the end of the engagement.

Inventory & Capability

Develop a deep understanding of services, platforms, products that are currently being used and identify existing skills and skill gaps that need to be catered for.

Validate Business Case

Capability and technology analysis with an overlay of what exists today vs a future ideal state. A deep study of data transfer requirements and development of different costing models. Re-alignment with client.

Stakeholder Alignment

Comprehensive assurance of full transparency & alignment across stakeholders. Prioritised backlogs, build and migration stages agreed, everyone is aligned ready enter to mobilise phase.


In our mobilise phase, we dive into more technical detail around what our clients are trying to achieve coupled with a custom-built plan of execution.

Security & Compliance

During the mobilise phase, we take a deep dive into your security model and bring in best practice from cloud service providers overlayed with your compliance and regulatory requirements.

Landing Zone

Together we map your existing infrastructure, understand how it transforms and define what the new architecture should look like. This landing zone will be the place were we then migrate and build new workloads.

Operating Model

We consider different process in place, look at roles & responsibilities and understand the existing gaps and align around new ways of working. This includes considerations around DR, automation, change & release processes, operational management, monitoring, cost & billing controls etc.

Platform Delivery

This phase is critical to make sure that the landing zone is consumable. We will put everything in place that will be required for development & delivery teams to access the platform.

Modernise and migrate

In modernise & migrate, we focus on delivering the roadmap whilst facilitate the cloud target operating model (TOM) with a community of practice around it to support it.

Lighthouse Workload

This is where the exemplar is moved and where we assure that it’s planned, installed and configured correctly and that all assumptions were correct. The lighthouse workload forms the blue print for the wider roll out and delivery.

Migration Plan

This is an exercise around governance where it is defined which workloads will be migrated first and the set of processes that they are they going through. We encourage involving as many stakeholders as possible so we can develop shared knowledge.

Cloud Community of Practice

We reach a stage of business as usual with our clients where we conduct operational handover with teams and assure that each workload is handed over correctly.

Our Cloud and Platform experts

We work with the best cloud computing consultants in the field to delivery utmost value and impact to our customers. Below are some of the experts leading our cloud consultancy and platform practice.

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Read about some of the most frequently asked questions and answers that we get in our cloud consulting and platform practice.

How long does a typical cloud migration following your model take?

We mobilise teams within 2-4 weeks from a pre-vetted ecosystem and thus provide some of the fastest turnarounds in the market.

How would I assess the effort for my organisation to migrate to the cloud?

A cloud Readiness Assessment would assess the effort to migrate workloads, data as well as the maturity within your organisation to adopt the cloud.

Will our existing security and compliance policies apply for the cloud?

Some will apply for the cloud but the approach to securing your data and workloads in the cloud is different to the typical data centre. All infrastructure is shared and thus untrusted, data is accessed remotely so the threat landscape changes where in a typical data center it is generally about fortifying and keeping data within the data centre.

Can you save money by migrating to the cloud?

Generally, the answer is no. The driving reason for migrating to the cloud should not be about saving money but leveraging performance elasticity, security, reliability of the cloud. It is also important to be conscious of spend in the cloud and look to make savings through ensuring efficient uses of resources, right-sizing and making use of some of the contractual agreements which can lower compute costs

How would you migrate my organisations workloads to the cloud?

There are 3 phases to a cloud migration:

  1. Discovery – where we understand your organisations digital estate, decide on each workload migration, define a backlog of migrations and verify that the business case is valid
  2. Mobilize – where we prepare the solution design for the cloud, build landing zone and platforms as required by the solution design
  3. Migrate the identified lighthouse application which proves a migration path.  Start to scale the migration according to the backlog defined in Discovery phase

How will a cloud migration effect my operation teams?

This all depends on a number of factors, the maturity of the organisation to adopt cloud and cloud native practices (assessed using the Cloud Readiness Assessment), the type of migration – lift-and-shift, modernisation and or rearchitecting. If modernising the estate this could affect all procedures within the organisation to operate workloads, change workloads, support and triage, security and compliance policies as well as requiring a different set of skills. These changes are not insurmountable but careful planning and support from an experienced cloud partner can ensure your organisation goes through a smooth transition to the cloud.