Two main factors that keep dominating CxO’s agendas

With the best-of-breed talent, we support our clients in managing their complex data landscape, discover new opportunities, understand insights better and innovate confidently.


Businesses must continue to innovate in order to remain competitive in 2023 and beyond

Data Volume

Increasing volume of data is forcing them to take their data and analytics strategy into hyperdrive.

Supporting our clients in three key ways

data quality

High-quality, accurate data is fundamental to extracting real-time insights. Anything less sets your enterprise up for disappointment, and potentially even adverse business outcomes.

Democratised data
drives business value

Democratised data allows everyone in your business to access whether they’re a data specialist or not! Custom-built or third-party - there are many ways to break down data silos.

Shorter time-

Businesses that have readily accessible information and reliable data quality can deliver solutions more quickly and with greater accuracy.

A custom approach

We support our clients in mastering the data landscape and will support you with your tailored data strategy that’s tightly linked to your business objectives.

Data as a Product

A data product is a software application or service that solves a specific business problem by providing actionable insights even when there may be none readily apparent.

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Data Platforms

Getting actionable insight from data is a top priority for many financial services organisations. This might be in order to react quickly to customer demand, improve the user experience, drive revenue or change the go-to-market.

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Data Mesh

A data mesh framework is a product approach applied to data challenges. We use best-of-breed software engineering methods to develop a distributed data infrastructure to balance out shortcomings in highly centralised architectures.

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Reporting & Visualisation

Simply put, this is the interface layer for your business users. When considering this component, it’s good to evaluate various specialized technology tools that can help you build dashboards that make it easy for your business users to perform analytics modeling, obtain reports, and complete other self-service tasks.

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Data Engineering

It's crucial to build robust data systems that are reliable, scalable and can evolve as the business needs change. This is an area where many solutions fall down leading to fragile systems that are expensive to maintain and change.

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Analytics / BI

Layered on top of your data architecture will be various tools and technologies for analysing data and deriving data-driven insights. With data lakes typically containing billions of data points, it’s humanly impossible to fully mine, analyse, and understand all of the available data. Fortunately, applying AI-based analytics solutions can turn overwhelming quantities of raw data into usable insights.

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Data Architecture

We support you in creating a blueprint of a data environment that aligns with your short- and long-term goals as well as your cultural and contextual requirements. From data lakes to meshes to warehouses to visualisation tools and fabrics - we support you in creating a holistic, all-encompassing data architecture.

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Data Governance

The common belief that problems with data quality usually stem from technology issues is mistaken. The majority actually is human error based, such as creating multiple different versions of the same data. Robust data governance is essential in improving data quality. Our data governance approach also includes GDPR compliance.

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Data Protection & Privacy

In a highly regulated and complex environment, organisations need to be focused on the data they have; manage and protect it appropriately; recognise the value it presents as an asset; and be able to generate real benefit from it, safely and without breaching the trust of their customers, users and employees.

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