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We put an emphasis on building adaptable, sustainable ways of working around continual improvement, execution and performance with a core goal of building our clients’ capability.


It involves being able to adapt to new tools, languages, frameworks, and approaches as the needs of the business change, and being able to do so in a way that is efficient and effective.

Why should you care

Technical agility is important because it allows an individual or organisation to stay current with the latest technologies and remain competitive in their field. It also enables them to quickly respond to changing business needs and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Technical agility refers to the ability of an individual, organisation or indeed technologies to quickly learn, adapt, and apply new technologies.

Technical agility ensures an individual, team or organization is solving the problems most likely to unlock value.

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Our approach to
technical agility

Just like our business agility practice, our technical agility arm spans across every single esynergy project. As part of our project planning, we provide our clients with a clear, custom roadmap and metrics in support of improving technical agility.

Generally, our approach evolves around three core practice areas;

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  1. Consistent set of practices to solve for self-sufficiency
  2. A core focus on optimising delivery through shared learning
  3. Emphasise the adaptability of the system


Not ‘where are you on the agile maturity spectrum’ but instead ‘why are all the ‘right practices’ not working for you?’.

Team-centered continuous improvement

At the core are strategic workshops, i.e., working with intent to identify what could change and helping teams articulate a future state.

Practices and behaviours for execution

Moving from point A to point B with a large focus on tools, rituals and behaviours. Behaviours are largely focused on developing healthy team dynamics that enable groups to create their future—to continually decide what to work on and how to make it happen.

Everything we do is underpinned by agile governance

A process in which we focus on bringing the most value by focusing on the things that matter. Good governance ensures that the policies and decision-making process align with successful delivery when you incorporate agile in your organisation’s strategic goals.

These are some areas that we typically address in as part of our technical agility efforts;


Being able to quickly learn new technologies and tools, including programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.


Creating a culture and a framework that allows the adoption of new technologies and tools as well as their integration into existing systems and processes.


Truly being able to work with a variety of different technologies and tools, and to switch between them to drive value.


Being able to work effectively with others, including team members, vendors, and other stakeholders.


Automation of processes and tasks, using tools such as scripting and automation frameworks to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Continual Improvement:

Always look for opportunities to improve existing processes, technologies, skills and knowledge, generally following agile best practices.

We use the DORA metrics as foundational measurements and add
custom metrics for each engagement. These four metrics are;

Deployment frequency:

The frequency of successful software releases to production.

Change lead time:

The time between a code change commit and its deployable state.

Mean time to recovery:

Indicates how often a team’s changes or hotfixes lead to failures after the code has been deployed.

Change failure rate:

The time between an interruption due to deployment or system failure and full recovery.

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Our work is measurable and directly ties back to our clients’ business objectives. This approach is at the heart of all our engagements with the objective of added value and insight for our clients.

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