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Enable business transformation by utilising cloud technologies

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We support our clients with their cloud adoption and ensure they are adhering to their sectors security and compliance standards.

We will work with you to identify the best migration strategy for your business factoring in risk, cost, maturity, compliance and security to ensure they make the best choice and see real value from increased control, agility, developer productivity and an improvement in resource utilisation.

Key Benefits of Cloud Adoption

Pay as you go

Start small and scale your costs with your business growth

Save as you go

Provision your resources only when you need them and stop paying for idle servers.

Data & Analytics

Allow your business to try, fail-fast and improve through access to incredible technologies.


Wherever and whenever. Deploy your solutions globally at the click of a button.

What we do

Delivering business impact and value to our
clients with our product and service delivery is our top priority.

Cloud readiness

Start your cloud journey with us. We assess your current capabilities across people, skills, processes and tools against those required for optimal public cloud adoption by industry.

Modern cloud architecture

DevOps best practices, well-structured and loosely coupled cloud adoption financial services, supported by well designed CI/CD pipelines and isolated environments to convert the technical stack into achieved business goals.

Cloud security

Increase data protection on business cloud infrastructure and applications and comply with industry standards.

Legacy modernisation

Leverage public cloud to modernise applications from refactoring into cloud-native microservices to re-platforming traditional apps on container platforms.

Optimising cloud

We help identify cost reduction opportunities, equip you with optimisation techniques and support the enterprise cloud adoption of new products and services that will help make the most of your cloud infrastructure.

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Our ever-growing techstack

We are agnostic when it comes to tools and tech, knowing that every client requires a custom approach to realising value.

Case studies

Have a look at some of the transformations we’ve supported our clients through.

Case Study

Taxually selected esynergy as a partner to support building a microservices architecture to strengthen continuous delivery and deployment. As a result value to customers would be released many times faster than before whilst speeding up the time to market for new services and applications. ... Read More

Case Study

Core system review and digital strategy recommendations to enable scale in a highly regulated industry ... Read More

Case Study

esynergy was selected by the company to draw up recommendations for the organisation's streamlined technological future, focusing on processes and teams as well as tools.... Read More

With us, you’re winning


Leveraging the gig economy to find talent that’s best suited to our client’s business/technology problem.


Rapid mobilisation and transparency throughout.


Faster time-to-value with metric-driven delivery.


Value delivered by small, high-functioning teams.


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