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Consumers’ demand changes rapidly, so businesses must constantly improve the scope and quality of their products and services to keep their customer base and produce profits. Improved in-house processes can boost productivity. Therefore, organisations should concentrate on optimising workflows and implementing new strategies and ways to increase ROI.

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Businesses need simple process automation technologies to build, maintain, implement, and scale as they expand. Migrating from monolithic apps to microservices is a natural next step. It allows different aspects of your app to scale, deploy, and test independently, lowering costs, enhancing availability, expanding flexibility, and allowing for more frequent releases.

The goal is to achieve practical success by automating internal operations quickly. Identifying and freezing business requirements can be challenging because many processes must be recognised and their scope determined before the automation process can begin.

Microservice development of new systems requires a thorough grasp of current problems. The absence of that leads to the development of ineffective systems and a waste of substantial amounts of time and money.

At esynergy, we have skilled developers that thoroughly examine your software development process to construct a microservices adoption roadmap for your business. This roadmap allows you to determine priority services for application migration to the microservices architecture. Consultants collaborate with you to rework a monolithic software into an efficient architecture, keep track of development and provide input as needed.

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We help organisations automate every operation, building microservices platforms without harming overall deliverables.

Here’s How;

1. Design And Development Of Microservices

Our senior engineers and solution architects collaborate with you to understand your technical and functional needs when building microservices.

We devise a strategy for breaking down the monolith into logical components that fit your company’s objectives and organisational structure. This enables us to assist you in developing these services from the ground up and guiding you in selecting the right tools and frameworks for testing.

2. Microservices Migration

Our consultants gradually break down your monolithic application and convert your monolithic apps to a microservices architecture. The process is unhurried and incremental to get the best results.

3. Automation and DevOps

We seamlessly integrate modern DevOps practices into your microservices infrastructure and cloud services to automate deployment and improve support and maintenance.

4. Support and Maintenance

We employ automated end-to-end microservices testing services to ensure that the complete work process, including all services and integrations, runs well. You can take advantage of our developers’ proactive and preventative approach to building microservices that provide long-term solutions.

Microservices have been around for a while, but they’re gaining traction now because of new enabling technologies that make them more practical. When done correctly, they vastly improve your overall business agility.

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  • Experienced across different fields
  • Continued advisory support
  • On-site and digital consultation
  • Track record of excellence demonstrated through case studies

Transition to microservices doesn’t have to be tough or daunting. Do you need to close the gap in internal expertise? Do you have difficulties finding capable specialists? Is assessing how to employ microservices to obtain meaningful ROI unclear to you?

Speak to a microservices developer at esynergy to see we can support your business goals.

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