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What is IAM?

According to Gartner’s definition, Identity and Access Management or IAM otherwise known as IDAM is the discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

Identity and access management solutions ensure secure and appropriate access to resources distributed across diverse technology environments and meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements in an organisation. An organisation’s identity and access management allows each employee the required access to company data.

It is possible to define who has access to which resources, or what actions a user may take in a fine-grained manner through the use of policies and rules in IAM.

In order to understand IDAM and IAM better, let’s look at an example of a policy.

According to the above policy, Mr. Burns has access to GET and PUT (i.e., view and create) new objects in an S3 bucket called burnsbucket.

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There are many ways in which IAM can benefit organisations.

Improved Security and Compliance

Policies can be applied at a very fine-grained level. This means there is no need to give a user any more permissions than what they require, thus mitigating inside-threat.

Businesses can easily monitor these policies and be alerted if a violation occurs, thus ensuring compliance. Organisations can use IAM solutions to tighten security by adopting multi-factor authentication, which is a login process that requires a user to present a combination of two or more credentials to verify their identity.

Ease of use

For application owners, end users, and system administrators, IAM simplifies signup, sign in, and user management processes. Providing and managing access is simple with IAM, and this promotes user satisfaction.

Role Management

It is possible to apply IAM policies quickly when necessary. Furthermore, these policies are scalable due to their reusability and the ability of a single policy to grant the same set of permissions to any number of users. This contributes to an increase in business agility.

Cost Saving

IAM policies save time and money due to the low overhead and ability to manage the user lifecycle from creation to termination. Using a proactive approach, compliance violations are more likely to be caught and corrected, reducing the threat of potential breaches, which can cost businesses millions.

Without IAM, Companies Face Many Risks

Management of identity lifecycles inefficiently leads to cascading risks such as potential security breaches, difficulty managing and scaling the access to users, failure to meet compliance requirements, insecure access to resources, and more IT staff required to maintain and regulate access to users and resources.

Security breaches have even led to organisations closing down. It is therefore crucial that identity and access of a business is managed and regulated effectively.

At esynergy we offer specialist IAM services, we have extensive experience building reliable, scalable, and secure IAM solutions for our clients to maximise business efficiency and security, and enhance user experience.

Her Majesty’s Department of Education (DfE) engaged esynergy to design and architect an IAM solution for their legacy systems, as their existing disjoined landscape of sign up solutions was lengthy and painful to use, causing disruption to their daily work.

esynergy’s team designed and built a sign-in experience from scratch providing their users with a simple and secure solution. The sign-up process was designed for ease of use, and our team ensured processes were automated wherever possible, which resulted in faster onboarding of new services for the client.

The solution that our team at esynergy delivered had an enormously positive impact and in response to it, the client commented, “This is something we would have only dreamed of three years ago.”

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