Financial services

esynergy has built numerous products and delivered several platforms and services. With demonstratable industry expertise, we confidently have undertaken some impressive projects with many organisations including Vanquis, NatWest, RBS, and mettle just to name a few.


Payment Gateway Platform

Partnered with one of the world’s largest global payment processing companies to design and build a payment gateway platform on AWS, reducing cost and time to get insights for additional use cases and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Digital Platform

Built the digital platform that would be the core technology framework of the challenger bank Mettle.

Boosting Technical Capabilities

Enablement of Vanquis Bank to boost their internal technical capabilities by connecting them into the right communities and provided thought leadership opportunities.


Worked with a global payment processor to integrate both Apple and Amazon Pay.

Our offerings

The financial services landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. To keep up with new trends, technology, and customer demands, organisations must improve their capabilities and modernise their approach. Below are just some of the ways esynergy can help businesses achieve their technological ambitions with our finance software development services.

White Label fin-tech services

White label banking or financial software solutions allow our clients to realise new revenue streams and leverage their existing technology solutions and open up their application programme interfaces (APIs).

Banking-as-a-service (BaaS)

BaaS is a great opportunity for established banks, insurance and wealth management businesses to reach a larger number of customers at a lower cost by teaming up with non-financial businesses. BaaS opens up new specialised propositions and enables our clients to take those to market faster.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

We support our financial services clients by embedding variable instalment loans at the point which increases and accelerates their sales cycle. More established players have great data insight than pure BNPL players and thus have a firm competitive advantage in the space.

Our financial services and FinTech experts

We work with the best in the fintech software development industry to deliver utmost value and impact to our customers. Below are some of the experts leading practices for the financial services industry.

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Read about some of the most frequently asked questions and answers that we get in our cloud and platform practice.

How long does it take to kick off the project?

We mobilise teams within 2-4 weeks from a pre-vetted ecosystem and thus provide some of the fastest turnarounds in the market.

What does a cloud Readiness Assessment measures?

A cloud Readiness Assessment would assess the effort to migrate workloads, data as well as the maturity within your organisation to adopt the cloud.

Will our existing security and compliance policies apply for the cloud?

Some will apply for the cloud but the approach to securing your data and workloads in the cloud is different to the typical data centre. All infrastructure is shared and thus untrusted, data is accessed remotely so the threat landscape changes where in a typical data center it is generally about fortifying and keeping data within the data centre.

How would you migrate my organisations workloads to the cloud?

There are 3 phases to a cloud migration:

  1. Discovery – where we understand your organisations digital estate, decide on each workload migration, define a backlog of migrations and verify that the business case is valid
  2. Mobilize – where we prepare the solution design for the cloud, build landing zone and platforms as required by the solution design
  3. Migrate the identified lighthouse application which proves a migration path.  Start to scale the migration according to the backlog defined in Discovery phase

How will a cloud migration effect my operation teams?

This all depends on a number of factors, the maturity of the organisation to adopt cloud and cloud native practices (assessed using the Cloud Readiness Assessment), the type of migration – lift-and-shift, modernisation and or rearchitecting. If modernising the estate this could affect all procedures within the organisation to operate workloads, change workloads, support and triage, security and compliance policies as well as requiring a different set of skills. These changes are not insurmountable but careful planning and support from an experienced cloud partner can ensure your organisation goes through a smooth transition to the cloud.