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The possibilities mobile app development holds for your business are endless.

The world of technology is fast-changing, and the competition in software and mobile app development is fierce. The fierce rivalry necessitates the development of unique products that are featured packed such as geolocation, payments, document and identity verification, biometrics, XR, and supply chain management while focusing on usability.

The importance of mobile app development in business cannot be overemphasised. Mobile applications have changed the way businesses are conducted. Consumers and employees rely on mobile apps to navigate the complex digital landscape and accomplish daily tasks.

These applications are critical marketing tools for these companies, allowing them to broaden their reach while providing significant and relevant brand exposure. Businesses without mobile apps or with low-performing applications are missing out on a massive chunk of potential customers.

esynergy is dedicated to ensuring you are ahead of the competition curve and in tune with users’ demands. We place user experience at the forefront of our mobile app development services.

Our mobile application development services aim to:

  • Broaden your market with the use of mobile platforms
  • Impact your customer user experience
  • Foster growth and innovation for your business.

esynergy has a pool of industry talent with years of experience and a track record of excellence in developing applications capabilities

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Mobile Strategies

Our mobile app development company offers expert developers to help you choose a mobile development platform that best aligns your business objective and target audience.

Our mobile app developers have capabilities that span across building mobile applications for the most popular platforms such as; Hybrid, iOS, Android, HTML5, Progressive Apps, and Wearable App. Our strategy is flexible to accommodate your desired specifications and budget.

Application Development

Our professionals develop your app’s intricate or abstract concepts into practical prototypes with proof-of-concepts to ensure that your app idea matches the product that is being built. Every detail is fine-tuned until you are entirely satisfied with the prototype.

Once this stage is completed, we move on to developing your mobile app. Our mobile app developers ensure that we provide the best technical support and operations services. We construct user experience elements and UI with the application to guarantee that the most non-technical individuals can understand it.

Security is a top consideration while designing consumer and enterprise mobile applications. The security of sensitive user data and any server-based data retrieved by the application is secured whether your firm has a BYOD, POCE, or COPE policy. Information security is the topmost priority for our experts.

Knowledge Integration

We at esynergy can handle everything for you or work with an in-house team within your organisation. Our application development and consulting services ensure that your organisation is prepared and equipped to design, develop, and support your mobility strategy and operations.

To achieve this, we provide onsite or remote help and guidance. Our consultants take however long to train your team until they are ready with continued advisory support even after the hands-on training and integration. At the end of this journey, our experts seamlessly migrate everything onto your company infrastructure.

Mobile Application Design & Development

At esynergy, we have an expert ecosystem to support any of your digital product needs. From traditional mobile app development services like prototyping and iOS development to more recent opportunities around AI for instance. Our highest priority is for our products to boast with research, analytics and clear optimisation in the medium and long term.

esynergy provided solutions to the Royal Bank of Scotland challenge by extending digital services to sole traders and small businesses to manage finances and bookkeeping and combine a current account with invoicing and payment chasing.

We created Mettle, a pilot version that syncs with accounting software and allows businesses to run smoothly and make smarter decisions with end-to-end solutions. Mettle is a highly innovative and secure mobile application.

Global Telco, an organisation that provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to clients in the energy and power sector needed help to develop a mobile application to improve the user experience for their customers. Our team developed an efficient, innovative platform that went live in 2019.

esynergy’s Application Development Services

Application concept & roadmap

esynergy offers a variety of creative application concepts in line with your product offerings. A strategic roadmap will also be provided, beginning with ideation and ending with actualisation.

App design, UX & prototyping

At esynergy, we have a keen eye for detail. Our app design, UX & prototyping, is tailor-made to suit your target audience with a custom-made user interface. At esynergy, we keep up with the latest innovative trends just so you can give your business an up-to-date user experience.

iOS & Android development

Our native iOS and Android development system covers your entire business process, from strategy, design, and proofing. Our services ensure your product offerings run seamlessly on all devices to give your customers a user-friendly experience. We will help you leverage machine learning models, Google Cloud technologies and allow in-app purchases (Apple pay and Google play).

User testing

Feedback is important to us at esynergy. We offer user testing services to optimise your website and to review your website’s overall experience from a user’s standpoint. Our testing includes moderated lab testing, remote unmoderated testing, and remote moderated testing. Our findings reveal patterns, assumptions, and preconceptions and allow you to make relevant and useful upgrades to your business.

Our approach to mobile app development

Our application development teams are stacked with experts around development, user-centric design (UCD) and product strategists. By choosing us as your mobile app development company, we will support you in your journey to market-leading and revenue-driving mobile applications.

esynergy’s mobile app development process is divided into 6 stages. Strategy, analysis and planning, UI/UX design, app development, application testing, and deployment & Support.

  1. In the strategy phase, the mobile app development team and the client define the app’s purpose, identify your app’s audience and establish the app’s goals and objectives.
  2. The next phase is the analysis and planning stage. In this stage, we prioritise your mobile app requirements, identify skills needed for the app development initiative and group them into delivery milestones.
  3. At esynergy, the UI/UX design phase is important to us because it determines the success of the mobile app. Our goal in this stage is to create a seamless user experience with a customised look that resonates with your target audience.
  4. In the app development stage, we define the technical architecture, select a technology stack to meet the client’s desired outcome, and define the development milestones
  5. At esynergy, the application testing phase is where we perform quality assurance to ensure the mobile app is usable and secure. Our testing phase is divided into user experience, functional, performance, security, device, and platform testing.
  6. Lastly, we offer help in the deployment and support stage. At this stage, we ensure your mobile app meets the requirements of the App store and Google Play store, once these are met we can deploy your mobile application.

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Cloud & Platforms

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