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HMPO: Scale and resilience on AWS

HMPO was looking to upgrade its AWS platform that hosted most of its services in order to be able to autoscale, introduce immutable infrastructure and enhance security.

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Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) is a division of the Home Office in the United Kingdom. It provides passports for British nationals worldwide.

esynergy was selected to support HMPO’s existing team mainly in the area of DevOps engineering and delivery management. As a collective, the team was able to execute on the blueprints and set objectives for the new platform. Following agile delivery methodologies, the team introduced Kanban and a central ticketing system using Jira to provide visibility and performance monitoring. They reviewed the structures and introduced paired working as well as cross-skilling.

Within five months and as a result of close collaboration and transparency, the team built a UK region platform MVP and completed full build three months later. The platform automatically scales in response to high volumes of traffic using Kubernetes, runs on AWS, follows infrastructure-as-code principles using Terraform and meets AWS security requirements using its native services.

The platform went live on October 26th and currently has two services running on it. Over the course of the next months 15 more services will be migrated on to the platform.

The esynergy team enabled the client to build and ship the new features to customers much faster than ever before. In turn, new revenue streams for the business have been created and will enable them to offer a more innovative, well rounded service moving forwards.


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