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A state-of-the-art architecture to propel Taxually’s rapid business growth

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Our client Taxually is a leading tax compliance business which is experiencing dramatic growth. Founded in 2018 in Budapest, the company now covers more than 40 countries with a platform that enables their customers to manage and automate their VAT returns. The business nearly tripled in size in 2021.

In order to cater to customer and business needs, Taxually needed a technical framework that would scale and support a growing range of applications. Its existing architecture meant that whenever a new service needed to be added – for example a payment processing app, or a data dashboard – the process was long and involved.

Taxually selected esynergy as a partner to support building a microservices architecture to strengthen continuous delivery and deployment. As a result value to customers would be released many times faster than before whilst speeding up time to market for new services and applications.

It wasn’t long until the new architecture was put to the test when Taxually committed to participating in the launch cohort of the Stripe App Marketplace program. The team needed to rapidly develop an application that would pass Stripe’s rigorous testing to hit the launch deadline. The service was up and running within weeks, making Taxually’s customers’ compliance journey via Stripe far easier and more reliable.

“It was a happy coincidence that Taxually committed to build a Stripe app just as we were starting the engagement,” said esynergy’s lead associate Andy Gibson. “We used that as a way to get to know their technology stack, understand their architecture, and rapidly deliver.”

esynergy’s work with Taxually has only just begun. We will be supporting the business, working with the CPTO Mark Masterson and his teams, to continually improve the development process, reduce deployment times and automate deployment pipelines.

Our lasting impact: upskilling internal teams 

As with all esynergy engagements, one of our key ambitions is to build our clients’ capability and continuously pass on knowledge so that our engineers are a support act to Taxually’s internal teams.

“What characterises the work Taxually is doing with esynergy is ‘partnership’. We work together as partners towards a common goal.

Mark Masterson, CPTO, Taxually

Our lasting impact: metrics to measure success 

Metrics are vital for measuring the value we bring to any engagement. Taxually’s CPTO Mark Masterson was particularly keen to track, measure and improve the four DORA metrics; (1) deployment frequency, (2) lead time for changes, (3) mean time to recovery, and (4) change failure rate. “What characterises the work Taxually is doing with esynergy is ‘partnership’. We work together as partners towards a common goal,” said Mark Masterson.

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