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Our client, a global payment processor that supports businesses across 23 countries, was under increasing pressure by its customers to enable them to process both Apple and Amazon payments through their gateway. The client did not have the internal capabilities to deliver this project and therefore wanted to partner with an organisation that could deliver these services efficiently and to the highest standard.

esynergy was chosen as a strategic partner to enable the business to integrate both Apple and Amazon Pay.

Key deliverables:

  • Advised the business on how to integrate with Apple Pay and Amazon Pay into their existing Payment Gateway using of micro-services with Java and proven open source technologies at their heart including Spring Boot and Kubernetes running inside AWS EKS.
  • Helped to create Kubernetes templates and Jenkins pipelines to deploy the AWS environment. The pipeline involves creating a namespace for the PR and running tests on the newly created namespace deploying to develop environment once tests are successful.
  • Coached the development teams in the best processes and tools to use in an agile context including Test Driven Development, instilling a DevOps culture and maintaining consistent high technical standards across work streams.
  • Designed the cornerstones of the overall architecture, inputting into the delivery timelines and providing feedback into the architectural process to ensure the design can be implemented in a pragmatic and timely manner.

The esynergy team enabled the client to build and ship the new features to customers much faster than ever before. In turn, new revenue streams for the business have been created and will enable them to offer a more innovative, well-rounded service moving forwards.

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