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Prioritize your metadata

The product ensures that metadata is established before any deployment. It guarantees that the design of data products is intentional and effective, driven by clear and measurable outcomes. Prioritizing metadata allows for a strategic approach to data management, aligning it with the overall goals of the organization.

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Mandate your data governance

With this adaptor, data governance becomes a critical requirement for deploying any data product change. It links deployment and governance pipelines, ensuring consistency between data and metadata lifecycles, which is vital for maintaining the integrity of data management practices.

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Streamline your data governance process

The feature manages changes in metadata by introducing version control for each data asset and establishing connections between them. This allows for detailed tracking of metadata changes, providing a clear historical record that supports accountability and audit processes.

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Take care of your deployments

Ensuring the safety of deployment processes, the adaptor conducts comprehensive checks before any implementation in the environment. This proactive approach safeguards the status of the process and upholds governance standards.

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Enhance your data discovery

The adaptor's ability to maintain consistent metadata and uphold data quality substantially improves the process of data discovery. It instils a greater level of confidence in data assets and simplifies the process of locating and utilizing data when needed.


Enhancing your data governance framework by offering seamless integration with established tools, paving the way for incorporating 
additional platforms and technologies in the future

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This adaptor is a game-changer for organisations aiming to balance speed with rigorous governance requirements.

Adrian Gonzalez Rodriguez


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Ensured governance

Governance will no longer be an afterthought, it will become an integral, mandatory part of the data deployment process, preventing governance from being overlooked or bypassed.

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Connected deployment and governance pipelines

By integrating these pipelines, the adaptor ensures a unified approach to data management.

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Accountable change management

Solve the problems of change tracking to data assets by implementing metadata change management and history, which enhances accountability and facilitates audit processes.

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Comprehensive safety checks

Mitigate the risk of errors during deployment with comprehensive safety checks, ensuring that deployments align with governance standards and do not compromise data integrity.

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Improved data discovery processes

By maintaining consistent metadata and upholding data quality, this will increase confidence in data assets and simplify their utilization.

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Strengthened compliance

By enhancing the capability to tag, monitor, and protect critical data, addressing regulatory requirements and safeguarding against data breaches, to strengthen compliance efforts and the management of sensitive information, including personally identifiable information (PII).

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Reduced manual processes

Reduce the reliance on manual, time-consuming governance processes by automating governance integration within the deployment pipeline, streamlining workflows, and increasing efficiency.

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Unified data management practices

By ensuring that governance standards are consistently applied, fostering a culture of compliance and data stewardship.