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During this panel discussion, learn from experts as they reveal how you can unlock your data management problems, especially around data tooling and its impact on the financial services industry.

Featured Speakers

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Robin Sutara

Field CTODatabricks

From repairing Apache helicopters near the Korean DMZ to the corporate battlefield, Robin has demonstrated success in navigating the high stress, and sometimes combative, complexities of data-led transformations. She has consulted with hundreds of organisations on data strategy, data culture, and building diverse data teams. Robin has had an eclectic career path in technical and business functions with more than two decades in tech companies, including Microsoft and Databricks. She also has achieved multiple academic accomplishments from her juris doctorate to a masters in law to engineering leadership. From her first technical role as an entry-level consumer support engineer to her current role in the C-Suite, Robin supports creating an inclusive workplace and is the current co-chair of Women in Data Safety Committee. She was also recognized in 2023 as a Top 20 Women in Data and Tech, as well as DataIQ 100 Most Influential People in Data.

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Duncan Cooper

Chief Data OfficerNorthern Trust Asset Servicing

Duncan is the Chief Data Officer at Northern Trust Asset Servicing, he comes in with a wealth of experience across 25 years in the financial services industry. He has held leadership roles in Technology, Sales and Product development, in BNY Mellon, HSBC and beyond. In HSBC Securities Services, he led the creation of the DataMesh the first Asset Servicing “Data as a Service” solution in the cloud in production and assisting clients. He is responsible for creating and delivering some leading industry products, such as DataCare for SimCorp, a fully managed Data Service, delivering market data to Front to Back systems. He remains passionate about creating products that are truly innovative within the world of Financial Services Data.

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Chris Brook

Co-founder & Head of Platform EngineeringFINBOURNE Technology

Chris runs the Platform Engineering Team at FINBOURNE. His team looks after the many underlying technologies upon which LUSID is built, including our proprietary bitemporal data stores and all of our hosting infrastructure. Chris also chairs our Tech-Leads forum, which is responsible for LUSID's overall architecture and the ongoing improvement of our engineering practices. Chris has been writing software and running development teams for 15 years. Prior to joining FINBOURNE he worked on various financial risk systems at UBS Investment Bank and Credit Suisse.

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Kevin Samborn

Chief Technology OfficerBrightwell

Kevin joined Brightwell (formerly BT Pension Scheme Management) in 2019 and is responsible for the technology needs of Brightwell’s clients, including IT transformation projects. Kevin has over 30 years of experience and previously worked at Revolution Financial Technology, a software business he founded in 2015. He was also Vice President of Valuation and Risk Analytics at Sapient Global Markets where he provided consulting focussed on front office technology, derivatives valuation and risk management. Prior to Sapient, Kevin was CTO and Senior VP at Numerix, a pricing analytics software company.

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Jon Cooke

Analytics/AI and Data Product Specialist

Jon Cooke is a Analytics/AI and Data Product specialist with over 30 years of experience delivering Big Data and analytics transformation. Jon is the creator of the Data Product Pyramid, an adaptive Data Product operating model. Jon has delivered Data Product capabilities including Data Product Storytelling, architectures, (such as Data Mesh and Data Fabric) and Data marketplaces for analytics use-cases across many companies and sectors.


Join us for this session to learn from Duncan Cooper, Chief Data Officer, Northern Trust Asset Servicing, talking about how you can take your data management strategy to the next level with a combination of effective operations and technological capabilities, as well as a balance of offensive and defensive strategies. 

Following Duncan’s talk, we delve into a lively panel discussion with Chris Brook, Co-founder and Head of Platform Engineering at Finbourne, Kevin Samborn, CTO, Brightwell, and Robin Sutara, Field CTO, Databricks on their perspectives around key decisions to consider around data tooling and what you need to build to manage your data in the future.

Panel host Jon Cooke, an Analytics/AI and Data Product specialist, facilitates the discussion and navigates the various perspectives shared to give you a 360° view on how to unlock the power of your data.

Some hightlights you can expect to discover:

  • How have data management requirements changed over the last five years
  • Data Ethics/Data Culture and how to transform old legacy firms with technical debt
  • What to do and how to think about vendor lock-in
  • How to think about tooling vs custom-build

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