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Without a clear understanding of the value technology can and will deliver, organisations will lose faith in technology, which creates a further existential threat to the organisation as digitally savvy challengers could disintermediate them.

This report reveals the scale of the challenge that CIOs and CTOs face within enterprise technology, but it also reveals a positive future for technology projects when tied to business objectives.

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Why technology projects are failing to deliver value

Organisations and enterprise technology are facing alignment challenges leading to unsuccessful projects, missed targets, and objectives not delivering a business return.

We asked 500+ technology leaders in large organisations about their technology challenges, processes, and future plans and summarised this in an actionable report.

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About us

esynergy is a technology consultancy, delivering business value from cloud computing.

Our delivery teams are small and highly functional, formed by a vetted ecosystem of associates, luminaries and partners. We choose technologies that are the right fit for our clients’ needs and are not opinionated around specific tech stacks and service offerings.

Our philosophy is around impact consulting, which means that all our work is measurable and directly ties back to our clients’ business objectives. This approach is at the heart of all our engagements with the objective of added value and insight for our clients.

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