Why do we need
Lead Associates?

Lead Associates play a critical role in the pre-sales process; we rely on their expertise to understand how to build the right capabilities to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

We believe in consistency and continuity and therefore want the Lead Associates involved in the pre-sales process to also lead the delivery team. Once on-site, the Lead Associate will ensure the outcomes outlined in the proposal are measurable and built into the engagement and workflow ensuring we build credibility and deliver value to our customers.

We count on thought leadership from our Lead Associates to help shape the esynergy offerings. The esynergy practices enable us to collaborate on market and customer insights to ensure we are at the forefront of our client’s business issues and problems.
The growth of our Lead Associate and wider Associate community depends on referrals from the network. We want to ensure we maintain a high standard of technical expertise through our Lead Associates screening potential new joiners.

The benefits of being
a Lead Associate

As a Lead Associate, you will profit from many extras as well as growth opportunities.

Lead Associates are offered first refusal on gigs and opportunities, offering you the flexibility to dip in and out of projects depending on your bandwidth. We also offer financial incentives for time given to pre-sales and technical screenings.

Together we map your existing infrastructure, understand how it transforms and define what the new architecture should look like. This landing zone will be the place were we then migrate and build new workloads.

The Lead Associates have the opportunity to be a part of and craft the future success of the wider brand and business.

Our Lead Associates benefit from many bonuses in addition to a highly competitive compensation.


“I really appreciate being part of the esynergy community. It’s full of great people who are making an impact, willing share what they have learnt and have fun together along the way.”

David Oliver,
Agile Tech Lead

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Want to apply?
This is what we look for…

  • Expert practitioners within Data, Cloud & Platforms, Business Agility & Technical Agility.
  • Previous experience and ability to work at C-suite & Tech Leadership level.
  • Enjoys being customer facing and has excellent customer feedback.

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