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Featured Speakers

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Jacek Artymiak

Software Engineer

Jacek Artymiak has spent two decades helping clients transform their backend systems using Open Source, Python, and cloud services. He has seen the industry move from the self-hosted to the cloud and from proprietary software to Open Source. Jacek has worked for small start-up and global corporations helping them build scalable solutions that change industries like online retail, banking, media, and international shipping. He was technical architect and dev lead for the UK Open Banking Implementation Entity building trust systems for the UK Open Banking ecosystem. He’s currently involved in a number of blockchain initiatives while leading esynergy teams in supporting a large ecommerce provider to automate their International Supply Chain.


Python is used across media companies and online retailers to run their core operations, and we are now seeing it being used in Blockchain development, which is not a surprise given how it has become a standard library for solving real-world problems.

Jacek will share his own insights into how Python has evolved and grown over the last decade and what you can do to stay relevant and most impactful in this rapidly changing industry. His experiences at Open Banking and a Global e-commerce retailer will be used to discuss current business challenges and what makes a Python developer attractive in today's market.

Blockchain is a disruptive and innovative technology. During the second part of the session, Jacek will discuss how Python is a great language for Blockchain projects, discussing its reliability, security, and scalability. As well as insights into the future of Python in Blockchain.


  • What employers want in Python developers.
  • Why being technically proficient is not as valuable as having a python skill set combined with business experience, and how you can build your knowledge.
  • How to deliver scalable Python projects in a fast-paced environment.
  • Real-life examples from Open Banking and a Global e-commerce retailer.
  • A look at the future of Python.

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