Delivery Principles

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Delivery Principles

Why Principles?

Focus on being the best we can

By highlighting the art of the possible, we can challenge ourselves and our clients to go after the best.

Consistency of approach

we would love all esynergy projects to have the same orientation and go after the same things. We believe that the principles provide a great scaffold from which we can build quality solutions which provide value to our customers in an accelerated timeframe.

Applicable to all contexts

everyone's delivery landscape is different, we do not want to proscribe methods or tools which may not be appropriate for your context, hence the use of principles to guide but not dictate.

Freeing your creativity

we want to encourage you to bring all your experience and creativity to your engagements

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User satisfaction dictates our success

We build solutions to be useful and to be used. We speak frequently to the users to understand their needs and the value we can bring to them and the organisation.


We align with business value

We deliver ‘the tech’ which helps the organisation succeed. We ensure that it is tightly coupled with the strategic vision and goals of the organisation. The value is more important than the tech.

We build the smallest valuable thing

We work to deliver value as soon as possible. We iterate based on learning from our users and our stakeholders. We prove the path to production and the release governance as soon as we can.

We deliver as autonomous cross functional teams wherever possible

We move fast by empowering individuals and teams, and work to supply them with the data they need to make decisions. Our multi-discipline teams collaborate to reduce communication overhead and decrease misunderstandings. We welcome co-delivery teams including team members from our clients to ensure that knowledge is effectively retained within the organisation.


We push decisions down to the lowest possible level

The people who work on the coal face are the best placed people to make decisions on how to mine the coal. We take this responsibility seriously and behave in a trustworthy and transparent manner so all interested parties have oversight and can collaborate on the decisions being made.

We work in the open

Our teams are open by default. All our work; priorities, plans, progress, decisions, designs, code, monitoring, successes and failures are available for everyone to see.


We collaborate inside and outside the team

We focus on the work being done rather than on the roles of the people in the team. We engage with the teams around us and are curious about how we collectively achieve the goals of the wider organisation.

We continually improve everything we do

We regularly scrutinise our work and our behaviour to continually pursue better. We create safe spaces where we can bring our ideas, successes and failures. We work to learn and build capability at all levels, individual, team and organisation.


We build quality into every part of our work

Everyone is responsible for quality, in everything that we do. From idea to execution we build in quality through technical excellence at every stage of the delivery process. Although we are willing for experiments to fail, we ensure that we are attentive and quick to respond when needed!

We release early and often

We build, test and release often aiming for “Single Piece Flow” across the process, using the best practices in CI/CD pipelines and observability to make this repeatable and transparent. We know governance matters and build it into our automated processes (shift left) so the whole organisation is aware of the changes we make.

We measure and base decisions on data

Metrics mean performance. We measure our impact and performance, specific to the challenges at hand. We use data to drive our next decisions.


We iterate based on user feedback

We seek input from current or future users through all stages of product development, from journey mapping, throughout development and from the live system. The voice of the user guides our work. We strive for the shortest feedback loops meaning that we can pivot or stop work if needed.

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Take your business to the next level!

Our work is measurable and directly ties back to our clients’ business objectives. This approach is at the heart of all our engagements with the objective of added value and insight for our clients.

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