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Empowering the modern investor: How a wealth platform revolutionized portfolio analytics

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Our focus

Shorten time-to-market of product launch

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Build subscriptions engine

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Launch self-service platform

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Integrate interactive brokers

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Deliver a real-time stock price and watch list UI component

Within a short four months, the B2B2C product, packed with modern engineering practices launched.

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology and operating models, our client stands out as a beacon of proactive solutions and innovation. Identifying a pivotal moment to elevate the synergy between its business and technology arms, they strategized three foundational pillars aimed at revolutionizing their product delivery: the acceleration of delivery speed, improved release times, and unwavering commitment to high-quality code and features.

To bring this vision to fruition, they leveraged cutting-edge software engineering methodologies. The journey began with the automation of CI/CD pipelines, fortifying the essence of DevOps best practices. Quality assurance became an integral part of the process, introduced at every stage to ensure impeccable outcomes. Moreover, embracing contemporary approaches, they redefined ways of working, focusing on efficiency and effective packaging of tasks.

These strategic implementations bore tangible fruits. Where once deployments took a leisurely pace of every four months, the new model saw them happening biweekly. The meticulous attention to detail was evident in the plummeting bug count, which remarkably dropped from 183 to a flawless zero. Also, there was a discernible enhancement in the translation of requirements to the delivery teams, streamlining their prioritization processes.

Yet, our client’s commitment to elevating the user experience transcends product innovation. The ripple effects of these modernized systems and refined processes reverberated throughout the entire organization. Everyone, from internal teams to external partners and customers, now savors the advantages of more streamlined communications, swifter processes, and expedited turnaround times.

With these enhancements, our client didn’t just streamline processes; it rebuilt trust in its delivery mechanisms. This newfound confidence was a catalyst for the successful launch of its B2B2C product. What made this product launch extraordinary was its ability to tap into a previously unreachable audience, ushering in fresh revenue streams. Furthermore, the overhaul in customer support tooling transformed the customer service experience. The responsiveness was amped up, with urgent tickets now being addressed within a day compared to the earlier weeks-long waiting times.

But our client’s journey doesn’t stop here. With eyes firmly set on the horizon and a relentless spirit of innovation, they are during crafting an Investment Analytics Platform. This promising venture is designed to offer unparalleled investment insights, an offering they believe will outshine competitors and further solidify their position at the vanguard of its industry.

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