Sean Clark is a senior operations analyst at esynergy Solutions. He initially joined the organisation back in 2016…

Sean Clark is a senior operations analyst at esynergy Solutions. He initially joined the organisation back in 2016…

I joined esynergy, initially for work experience as a data administrator, for two days a week, back in 2016. I got the opportunity while I was working as a barista around the corner from esynergy’s offices in Fenchurch Street. My dad had used the same gym as esynergy’s Patrick Crompton (and previous co-founder, Siri). They got chatting during their gym sessions and, as a result of these conversations, Patrick offered me, through my dad, the work experience that I needed for my college course.

My work experience lasted around two months. When this was finished, esynergy asked me to stay on, full-time, as a data administrator – which then led to me assisting the marketing team. When esynergy decided to move over to Salesforce (Talent Rover), from Itris, I was keen to learn the platform as we were lacking a specialist Salesforce administrator (myself and a colleague were filling this role).

Following the move over to Salesforce, I taught myself how to administer the Salesforce platform, while gaining other qualifications in Microsoft – which esynergy kindly put me through. All of this has led to me now being a certified Salesforce administrator and having an MTA in Networking and Infrastructure. On top of this, I have ownership of the esynergy Salesforce platform and assist in the ongoing maintenance and development of esynergy’s IT infrastructure. It’s been an exciting journey and I’m grateful for the chance esynergy has given me to fulfil my potential!

Here’s what Sean’s colleagues at esynergy have had to say about his rise through the company…

Head of Commercial, John Birtwhistle: “Sean is one of esynergy’s great success stories. He perfectly illustrates that commitment, hard work, dedication to your craft, passion and doing a job you enjoy can result in amazing outcomes. Sean came to us as a raw college graduate but his work ethic and desire to learn opened up numerous doors for him internally. By his own admission, he ‘hated’ exams, as he felt his school education never truly reflected his actual ability.

Sean is a vocational learner so we enrolled him into an apprenticeship scheme in order for him to be able to ‘learn on the job’. In spite of some of the failings of the scheme, Sean excelled and passed both the apprenticeship and his MTA in networking (this was crucial to his role at the time). Never one to shirk a challenge or opportunity, Sean was integral in aiding esynergy in our utilisation of Salesforce and the live production environment. Conducting his own trailheads and learning modules, Sean soon found a real passion for Salesforce, which ultimately led to him passing his Salesforce admin exam at the first time of asking (not an easy task as most people fail the first time around). Sean now oversees our entire Salesforce environment, from making custom objects to process flows.

At the same time as training to be our Salesforce admin, Sean was also doing his day job, becoming more skilled in our Microsoft suite of products and ecosystem. Again, his never say ‘no’ attitude has meant his learning in this space has been exceptional. Steve Coviello, who has been managing our IT since the very start at esynergy, has played a super important role in his development, to a point now, where he has the utmost trust and confidence in Sean’s ability (Sean is now looking to expand his formal knowledge of Microsoft by undertaking the Azure Admin Certificate, among others).

On a personal note, it feels me with great pride to see someone embody our values and develop both in their professional and personal lives. He’s a great person and it’s up to us to keep challenging him every day to ensure we are creating a platform for him to be the best version of himself. I can’t wait to see where he’ll end up and all his success will be solely down to him – for that, he should feel a real sense of pride.

Thanks to Sean’s dad for the coffees and the initial introduction!”


Steve Coviello, network administrator and IT consultant at esynergy: “I first met Sean as an innocent, young college student while he was working at esynergy, part-time, gaining work experience as a data administrator. It was obvious, even back then, that he was a young man with great potential, and I offered to introduce him to basic IT tasks in internal infrastructure – which he obviously enjoyed and had a natural aptitude for.He progressed rapidly through his apprenticeship, gaining an MTA in Networking and Infrastructure along the way, and then took over the daunting task of supporting our Salesforce platform (while still assisting me in the day-to-day running and support of esynergy internal IT). He has the enviable ability to retain everything he’s shown and now assists me in the maintenance and development of our internal IT infrastructure.

With his dedication to eSynergy, allied with his natural ability, Sean has rapidly progressed to be – not only the esynergy Salesforce support and developer – but also the line one support for all eSynergy IT queries and problems.

His enthusiasm, talent and willingness to tackle everything has meant he has progressed from being a raw recruit to an essential and integral part of the business. I often wonder how both myself and eSynergy ever managed without him.

It gives me great pleasure to see someone develop so successfully, knowing that he’s still very much at the beginning of his journey. I suspect he’ll carry on progressing for many years to come and, if he does, the sky is the limit for him.”


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