FIMA Connect UK is an exclusive invite-only event for Heads of Data, Analytics and Innovation at banks and asset managers.

esynergy is sponsoring this event and will feature a keynote that covers how we collaborate leading financial services teams to leverage our expertise in AI innovation to power their business growth.


Mat Oakeley

Managing Director, Oakeley Consulting

Mat is a 30-year veteran of the asset management industry with the last 20 of those in technology and data leadership. Following a career that started at UBS, he was the Group Head of IT for Schroders for 10 years followed by stints as CTO at Investec AM, Chief Digital and Information Officer for UBS AM and Chief Data Officer and Digital Officer for Credit Suisse Asset Management. Mat runs a technology and data strategy consultancy (Oakeley Consulting) and is currently the interim Group CTO for investment and pensions group, Cardano. Mat has a long-standing interest in data architectures and how to liberate data to enable people and teams to become more effective.

Prasad Prabhakaran

AI Practice Lead, esynergy

Prasad is a product manager with 23 years of expertise in data and AI, currently leading the AI practice at esynergy. An ex-Microsoft employee, he has also successfully bootstrapped and built his AI startup. Prasad specialises in developing data- and AI-based products. His work focuses on achieving problem-solution fit, product-market fit, and driving user and community engagement. He effectively aligns teams, prioritises development, and delivers solutions that drive business value.

esynergy Keynote Session 10am 16 April

Conversational Experience – Revolutionising Asset Management with AI

It’s time for a groundbreaking shift in your approach to data. Listen in on the expert dialogue between Mat Oakeley, a veteran in the asset management industry, drawing from his experience at UBS and Investec, and Prasad Prabhakaran, esynergy’s leading AI practice thought leader in this keynote as they unveil the future of data-driven interactions. Delve into the art of harnessing the power of large AI models safely and securely and discover the possibilities for growth as they illuminate the path to innovation and success.

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