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Data is now viewed as more important to enterprises than ever.

Featuring commentary and opinion from the private sector i.e. Northern Trust, Meta, Databricks and the public sector, North Sea Transition Authority.

No matter the industry, organization or sector, businesses either have access to, or are generating themselves, mass volumes of data, and therefore are increasingly reliant on data-derived insights to make critical decisions and forecasts.

esynergy collaborated with Censuswide to survey approximately 700 company executives from the UK and US. After speaking to firms with a $31+ million turnover on their data strategy policies, as well as several key stakeholders, we can now reveal a number of valuable insights based on our findings. The aim of this ebook is to interrogate the answers our participants provided and thus help other companies who are struggling with the same issues to meet their data goals.

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Data is now viewed as more important to enterprises than ever

Most companies aren’t getting the most out of their data. The results of our survey confirmed our original supposition that data is now a priority for the majority of companies in a much bigger way.

For us a good data culture starts with understanding the value that data can unlock. We have people, skills and culture as the first pillar in our Digital and Data Strategy.

By embodying a set of principles, behaviours, and best practices surrounding the acquisition, organization, analysis, and delivery of data to support key business objectives, while working with new technology, organizations can thus achieve a greater level of business agility and make decisions based on empirical understanding.

A data strategy is not a stand-alone endeavour. It should be consciously intertwined with both the business strategy (including leadership goals) and also the IT and technology strategy. This ensures strategic alignment across all three crucial areas. Neglecting to align these three aspects runs the risk of any data strategy becoming a futile, costly exercise which doesn't correctly align with the entire organisation, and subsequently fails.

About us

esynergy is a technology consultancy, delivering business value from cloud computing.

Our delivery teams are small and highly functional, formed by a vetted ecosystem of associates, luminaries and partners. We choose technologies that are the right fit for our clients’ needs and are not opinionated around specific tech stacks and service offerings.

Our philosophy is around impact consulting, which means that all our work is measurable and directly ties back to our clients’ business objectives. This approach is at the heart of all our engagements with the objective of added value and insight for our clients.

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