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Digital Transformation – What? Why? How?

Digital Transformation is one of those phrases that is being bandied about rather a lot in the technology world, but what does it actually mean? Why do organisations undergo Digital Transformations? How do they go about it?

What is Digital Transformation?

A Digital Transformation can be the overhaul of an organisation’s business model, the upgrade of its legacy technology, transformation of operational processes – or all three of these.

Why Digital Transformation is Important?

Ultimately, an organisation chooses to undergo a Digital Transformation to change the way it works internally but also how it appears to the outside world i.e. its consumers or as they’re known in the digital world – users.

It is imperative that a business transforms and evolves in order to meet current market demands, which are forever changing especially in the IT industry. Even more importantly, all of the changes need to have the user in mind.

How to Implement Digital Transformation Strategy?

Before a Digital Transformation takes places, there is usually an in-depth “discovery” phase, which can take a month or a year depending on the size of the transformation. The discovery phase establishes exactly what needs to change, what is important to users and why. This can help the organisation truly understand and refine the direction the transformation needs to take. Once it has been completed, the transformation can begin.