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Data strategy at the Department for Education

Neil McIvor

27 mins

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Embark on a fascinating journey with Sunny as he welcomes Neil McIvor, the Chief Data Officer at the Department for Education, to the spotlight. In this episode, Neil leverages his profound experience in the public sector to unveil the omnipresence of data – from mundane tasks like painting your house to the high-octane world of Formula 1! Get ready for a deep dive as Neil simplifies the complexities of end-to-end data platforms, offering invaluable insights into the challenges of steering data strategies within the public sector. Discover the weight of responsibility to the taxpayer and gain a nuanced understanding of the delicate balance required in managing public data. Don't miss out on Neil's ingenious "stratical" solution approach, and learn the secrets behind keeping effective teams motivated. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and practical wisdom, making the intricate world of data not only accessible but downright intriguing.

Featured Speakers

Sunny Jaisinghani, esynergy's Head of Data

Sunny Jaisinghani

Head of Data esynergy

Neil McIvor

Neil McIvor

Chief Data Officer Department for Education