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Data mesh at Northern Trust

Jimmy Kozlow

19 mins

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Join Sunny as he welcomes Jimmy Kozlow, Product Manager, Data Mesh at Northern Trust. Jimmy unravel's the core elements of a successful data mesh implementation, delving into the challenges surrounding organizational structure and the decentralization of data. Explore the current maturity landscape of data mesh patterns and gain insights into navigating the adoption curve while transforming team behaviors. Jimmy takes a deep dive into the impactful intersection of GenAI and data mesh, discussing how it has disrupted existing patterns and emphasizing why data mesh remains the indispensable foundation for cutting-edge projects. In a thought-provoking conclusion, Jimmy makes a compelling case for making data governance not just essential but downright sexy. Don't miss this episode filled with illuminating perspectives on the intricacies of data mesh, its challenges, and its pivotal role in the evolving landscape of data management.

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