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Data governance & climate reporting at Close Brothers

Simone Rabie

15 mins

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Tune into this week's episode as Sunny is joined by Simone Rabie, Data Governance Manager at Close Brothers. Simone takes us on a deep dive into the realm of climate reporting, sharing her personal journey into the space and illuminating its current landscape. Explore with Simone as she navigates the complexities of international regulations, greenwashing, and greenhushing, shedding light on the vital importance of adopting a proactive federated data governance approach. Prepare to gain invaluable insights on leveraging the power of GenAI sustainably within the intricate world of ESG considerations. Discover the significance of building communities for the cross-sharing of knowledge and collective action in combating climate issues. Don't miss out on this episode filled with enlightening perspectives and actionable strategies for navigating the intersection of data governance, sustainability, and climate reporting.

Featured Speakers

Sunny Jaisinghani, esynergy's Head of Data

Sunny Jaisinghani

Head of Data esynergy

Simone Rabie

Data Governance Manager Close Brothers