Our purpose and values are what define us as a business.

A clear purpose and plan for our business are central to delivering value to our communities. Our model requires a diverse set of communities to collaborate as one. This means understanding and agreeing on a unified purpose and values.

We draw inspiration from our communities. By open-sourcing our purpose and plan, we can share what we plan to do and learn lessons along the way. We’re not perfect but we’re always striving to be better while helping others to do the same.

Our purpose
Our purpose is to enable organisations to understand, measure and deliver business value using modern technologies. We will deliver this value through diverse and inclusive communities.

Our values 
Our behaviours are driven by the values we set: This is easy to say, but harder to do. So, we came up with the idea of embedding our values into our promotion criteria and into our interviewing. We asked people to talk about how they’d lived by our values, and this has led to far greater adoption of these values. We’ve found it easier to see who is and who isn’t living by our values, allowing us to create a culture of ‘bottom up and top down’.

At esynergy, we have three values: honesty, collaboration and personal growth.



Honesty is about having the ability to have tough conversations with others, rather than behind their backs. It’s about being open about how you’re feeling and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with others. You must respect others, but you must also be honest; it’s much easier to dodge the bullet and not have these difficult conversations with colleagues and customers.

With honesty comes a deeper level of trust, collaboration and numerous other benefits.



Collaboration is about having clear accountabilities and understanding co-dependencies, celebrating diversity and embracing inclusion; constant feedback loops and working towards a common goal.

With collaboration comes greater outcomes and better relationships.



Personal growth is about creating a culture of openness, where it’s okay to make mistakes, but where we also learn and strive to be better than we were the day before. A no-blame culture that promotes self-learning and development is at the heart of all we do.

With an emphasis on this personal growth, we will all feel safe and empowered to learn.


The importance of getting things right

The benefits of getting our values right are clear. They create clear and consistent boundaries about what’s acceptable and what’s not. They guide our culture and create a shared buy-in across the business.

We must live by our values and not turn a blind eye to anything that isn’t in line with them. These values can’t just be based on the bottom line.

It’s important that we talk about these values openly and honestly and review them all the time.


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