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Join industry experts for an in-person panel discussion and learn best practices for integrating security into software engineering to enhance your organization’s security posture.


Tom Harris

CTO, ClearBank

Tom is the CTO for ClearBank. Supporting the FinTech industry and enabling growth for Tide, Coinbase, Truelayer and Etoro amongst many more, he has 15+ years engineering experience working with high scale successful cloud and data platforms. He helped take Just Eat to IPO and then FTSE100. Contributing and building teams around key components of the business from consumer experience, logistics and restaurant apps. Founder of BuildCircle, a successful software engineering consultancy that works with Moonpig, BBC, FinTech and E-commerce industry. He believes in approaching transformation by enabling engineering to make Grass-Roots change.

Ben Burdsall

CTO, dunnhumby

Ben Burdsall is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at dunnhumby, leading the global engineering function. He is responsible for the design, build and operations of technology solutions. Ben has over 25 years of experience in developing and managing software solutions for international companies. He has over 16 years management consulting experience advising companies on digital transformation, architecture as well as delivering complex solutions for the UK government, global telecom companies and within Financial Services. Prior to joining dunnhumby, Ben worked at Worldpay as their Chief Engineer and eCommerce CTO and at Sportradar as Global CTO. Ben has a passion for public cloud solution design, architecture and delivery, and was lead inventor for both payment and medical patents. In the past he has published a number of research papers at international AI conferences relating to the design of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Ben holds master’s degrees in Computer System Engineering from Bristol, UK, and in Image Processing and AI from ENST de Bretagne, France.

Teresa Wu

VP of Software Engineering, JP Morgan Chase & Co

Teresa is originally from China, then she studied and lived in London for many years, she is a pioneer in her family being the first software engineer. Teresa is a public speaker, Google Developer Expert (GDE), mentor, and software engineer who is passionate about front-end development and Cloud technology. She has been working with many talented developers to craft various apps and projects throughout the years, and she likes to explore the world of multi-platform, the fun of continuous delivery, and seeing through the product from development to release.

Grant Ongers

Chair, Global Foundation Board, OWASP

Co-founder of Secure Delivery and current OWASP Global Foundation Board Chair, Grant Ongers (@rewtd), is a firm believer in security enabling delivery not blocking it. Well-known in the international InfoSec community (it's hard to forget the beard!), his 10+ years of experience in Dev, 20 years in Ops and 30 years in Sec (mostly white hat) has made him a firm believer that there's no such thing as DevSecOps - just DevOps done right, and that compliance != security (or the other way around). Alongside his role as CTO within Secure Delivery, Grant provides C-suite advice and guidance on security to FTSE100 enterprises and strategic risk analysis within M&A diligence teams.

Salman Iqbal

Principal Consultant, DevOps and ML Security, esynergy

Salman works as an MLOps Consultant. He has worked with a number of organisations in setting up secure Machine Learning platforms for teams to operate at scale. He is also a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and a strong advocate for Cloud Native technologies.


Access this on-demand where we’ll learn from Grant Ongers, Global Foundation Chair, OWASP, on how you can go beyond the OWASP Top 10, a widely recognised security standard used by organizations worldwide. With his extensive experience as a security professional, Grant shares a unique perspective on how you can effectively utilize the OWASP Top 10 to enhance your security posture.

After Grant’s talk, he participates in an animated panel discussion alongside Ben Burdsall, Chief Technology Officer at dunnhumby, Salman Iqbal, Principal Consultant, DevOps and ML Security, esynergy, Teresa Wu, Vice President of Software Engineering, JP Morgan Chase & Co and Tom Harris, Chief Technology Officer, ClearBank. The discussion revolves around the various viewpoints on the industry’s best practices for incorporating security into software engineering. You can expect to engage in a thought-provoking conversation that touches on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the realm of security in software engineering.


Some highlights you can expect to discover:

    • Perspectives on embedding security into engineering best practices from decision makers and engineers   
    • Strategies for cultivating a culture of security awareness and responsibility across teams 
    • How effectively are we identifying, classifying, storing, and protecting sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, while adhering to relevant regulations and addressing potential vulnerabilities in our system? 
    • The influence of emerging technologies, such as AI and blockchain, on software security 
    • And more!


Who should watch

The panel will provide valuable insights for security professionals, team leads who have the responsibility of rolling out secure practices, software engineers who are part of the implementation process, and anyone interested in improving the security of their software development processes.


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