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FinOps for affordable data platform migrations

As data platforms continue migrating to the cloud, managing associated costs and maximizing value remains a persistent struggle. Watch our exclusive on-demand video that explores how FinOps frameworks and methodologies can empower organizations to take control of cloud expenses.



Learn from industry experts at an in-person panel discussion and discover best practices and key insights on how FinOps can help you effectively manage expenses when migrating data platforms to the cloud.

Featured Speakers

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Ben Burdsall

Chief Technology Officerdunnhumby

Ben Burdsall is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at dunnhumby, leading the global engineering function. He is responsible for the design, build and operations of technology solutions. Ben has over 25 years of experience in developing and managing software solutions for international companies. He has over 16 years management consulting experience advising companies on digital transformation, architecture as well as delivering complex solutions for the UK government, global telecom companies and within Financial Services. Prior to joining dunnhumby, Ben worked at Worldpay as their Chief Engineer and eCommerce CTO and at Sportradar as Global CTO. Ben has a passion for public cloud solution design, architecture and delivery, and was lead inventor for both payment and medical patents. In the past he has published a number of research papers at international AI conferences relating to the design of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Ben holds master’s degrees in Computer System Engineering from Bristol, UK, and in Image Processing and AI from ENST de Bretagne, France.

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Ben Conrad

Cloud Platform Product OwnerJohn Lewis Partnership

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Ian Poland

Chief Information OfficerSportradar

Ian Poland has served as Sportradar’s Chief Information Officer since August 2019. Prior to joining Sportradar, he held Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer roles in global banking and financial. He began his career in technology in a small start-up developing software for retailers, later moving into technology consulting roles as MDIS, Atos and KPMG, working with clients across a variety of industry sectors from pre-IPO to FTSE 100 companies. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and Diploma’s in Business Information and Management.

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Liv Wild

DirectorTechnology- Checkout Experience

Liv is an engineering leader with a track record of successfully shaping strategy and leading effective organisation-level change. Liv has experience in a diverse range of organisations large-scale strategy projects for UK Government, transforming engineering delivery at Cloudflare, Expedia Group and the BBC. In addition, Liv has professional services experience with ThoughtWorks which inspired her passion for an engineering-centred, data-driven, agile approach. Liv is currently Director, Technology at Expedia Group where I lead a team of engineers responsible for the Checkout Experience engineering team based in Europe - the team are responsible for the checkout experience in checkout and elements of the strategic EG-wide Checkout solution. Liv has been described as a natural and inspiring leader who combines her strengths - the curiosity, analysis and open-mindedness of an experienced consultant with a technologist's passion for delivering innovation & change through empowering talent and teams.

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Matt Lockyer

Platform Practice Leadesynergy

As Platform Practice Lead at esynergy, Matt brings over 15 years of experience building innovative developer platforms and fintech solutions. His career has spanned working in-house at Barclays, consulting for FIS & Visa, and leading development teams for top financial services providers including Fiserv & First Data. A key theme has been Matt's focus on understanding customer needs and translating those into intuitive technical solutions. Whether constructing mobile apps, account servicing platforms, or new payment systems, he emphasises frameworks like Jobs To Be Done to truly address customer problems. At Fiserv, Matt assembled a 35-person team to rearchitect their developer platform, completely overhauling APIs and SDKs to power billions in payment transactions. During this time, he also launched his own investment SaaS startup managing options portfolios for traders globally, validating Matt's ability to build substantial platforms from the ground up. Most recently, Matt joined esynergy as their Consulting Platform Practice, leading client engagements centred on integration, modernisation and crafting new products. His depth of technical knowledge paired with business prowess allows him to bring together top talent to deliver high-value solutions. Outside of work, Matt enjoys building FPV drones, garden design and spending time with family.


As data platforms continue migrating to the cloud, managing associated costs and maximizing value remains a persistent struggle. Watch our exclusive on-demand video that explores how FinOps frameworks and methodologies can empower organizations to take control of cloud expenses.

Kicking off the conversation is Matt Lockyer, Platforms Lead at esynergy, who draws on over 15 years of experience spearheading integrations and managing teams at top financial institutions. Matt explains actionable tips for adopting FinOps to transform enterprises efficiently.

An expert panel then provides key insights on aligning cloud costs with business value. Speakers include  Ben Burdsall, Chief Technology Officer, dunnhumby, Ben Conrad, Cloud Platform Product Owner, John Lewis Partnership, Ian Poland, Chief Information Officer, Sportradar and Liv Wild, Director of Engineering, Platform and Tools, Checkatrade. Together they share best practices for FinOps strategies across the migration journey – from early staging through multiple workloads in the cloud.

During this discussion, you will discover frameworks to track real-time cloud usage, tackle challenges in gaining buy-in, monitor data flows cost-effectively, and manage unexpected spend. With animated conversation and inside perspective, this recording clearly outlines how FinOps methodologies can empower your organization with visibility and control over cloud expenses.

Watch now for a look at how FinOps equips enterprises to maximize value as they migrate data to the cloud.

What you can expect to discover

  • Explore the FinOps frameworks and methodologies which work best for managing data platform migration costs
  • Learn how you can align cloud expenses with business value during data platform migrations
  • FinOps strategies and tools for tracking real-time cloud costs during migrations
  • How to tackle challenges in getting organizational buy-in for FinOps
  • How you can leverage FinOps tools to monitor data egress and ingress in real-time and respond quickly
  • Learn how FinOps can enable better cost visibility and control across business units during migrations
  • Key ways to manage unexpected cloud spend spikes during migrations with FinOps
  • How best to integrate FinOps and associated costs that come with existing cloud governance frameworks pre- and post-migration
  • … and more!

Who should watch

This insightful FinOps panel delivers strategic guidance for CTOs, engineering leads, cloud architects, data analytics heads, IT directors, and technical decision-makers driving cloud migrations. The discussion will also benefit anyone who is either mid-migration or just starting your data platform journey to the cloud. You will learn actionable FinOps best practices to optimize cloud costs, maximize business value, and effectively manage expenses.

If you are focused on making the most of FinOps for data platform transitions, you won’t want to miss the real-world insights from this panel of experts dedicated to controlling cloud bills and avoiding migration pitfalls.

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5:00 am

Doors Open and registration

5:30 am

Opening talk by Matt Lockyer, Platform Practice Lead, esynergy

6:30 am - 8:00 pm

Networking with drinks and nibbles

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