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Wow: Ways of working

There are a variety of different ways of working but, when thinking about them, it’s important to remember that they should always encompass the following: culture, technology and operations.

At eSynergy Solutions, we like to keep things simple but effective. We break our ways of working down into two models:

  • An engagement model (what we do) and
  • An operating model (how we do it)

The engagement model

Our engagement model is simple: It is what we do.

We begin all engagements by understanding our clients’ business needs and challenges, and proceed with a customer-first, product-centric view. We then work collaboratively to address these.

Next, we collaborate with key stakeholders and plan requirements into sprint–based outcomes, ensuring value is delivered effectively and continuously (aiming to deliver business value every two weeks).

We then design, architect and build to plan, leveraging the value of cloud service providers and modern software engineering patterns and practices. This ensures highly resilient, scalable and quality, software delivery.

Finally, we continuously improve, through testing, security by design, ‘shifting left’ and CI/CD. We embed a growth mindset via upskilling, documentation, pairing and coaching sessions.