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Why partnerships add value for our customers

Access to expertise
Our partnerships with cloud providers and technology vendors gives us access – on behalf of our clients – to their broad shoulders and depth of expertise. It is this access, not only to their deep pockets, but to their engineering power, advisory support, new services, experience, business case acumen, upskilling and connections in the industry, that is so valuable to our customers.

Adding tangible value
For our clients, the value gained from partnerships is high. It doesn’t matter if clients work with a consultancy like ours or partners in another form: any managed services or co-sell and re-sell partner, any VAD or ISV, who have partnerships with larger tech providers or smaller SME consultancies, will make a difference to a customer’s bottom line.

What we want from our clients is to be more open about the actual value we provide to them. I’m not referring to reducing reporting time from three months to seventeen minutes or asking what this meant and how much value near real-time reporting has added. We’re keen to move to a model where we won’t charge for project delivery but for the ‘actual value’ added to the business.

What are your thoughts on this? I’m keen to see if you have any experience here…

Partnerships are fun! Let them inspire you!