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Unleashing Business Value with Data Products: One Practitioner’s Journey

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Keynote highlights and takeaways from FIMA Connect 2023

At the recent FIMA Connect event, I had the pleasure of sharing some exciting insights into esynergy’s collaboration with Northern Trust (NT) on their next-generation data modernization journey alongside Jimmy Kozlow, Data Mesh Product Lead, NT. During our keynote, we explored how we built a data mesh strategy that ultimately aims to encourage a data-driven culture that will empower NT’s employees and clients. 

The full case study on our ongoing work together can be found here.

I wanted to highlight a few takeaways from the talk and valuable learnings from the conversations we had with senior data professionals and business leaders.


First off, why did we choose a data mesh strategy?  

Well, it acts as the data delivery backbone for a variety of uses, including an intuitive self-service data marketplace. With nearly 40% of attendees at the conference already building or considering a data mesh strategy, it is clear that this approach is gaining momentum in the industry. 

If you are building your own data mesh, try not to do everything at once.

Build incrementally.