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UK IT Industry Awards 2023: Highly Commended

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LONDON, UK – November 9th, 2023 – esynergy with guests from Clúid Housing, and TechLabs London, were delighted to have attended the prestigious UK IT Industry Awards last night.

We were honoured to have made finalists for three categories; Charity Project of the Year, Inspirational Individual of the Year, and Best Place to Work in IT, so the team was waiting eagerly as host and comedian Ellie Taylor started the awards ceremony….

Congratulations to Lily Glasson, Client Principal at esynergy for receiving a highly commended recognition from the esteemed judging panel for Inspirational Individual of the Year. This judges’ award recognizes individuals who are a source of inspiration for others working in IT.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Lily for eight years and her passion for providing value for her clients, let alone her inspiring volunteer and mentorship work she offers to the advancement of inclusion within the technology industry never fails to amaze me. I very much look forward to what’s next for Lily!”  

– Patrick Crompton, CEO, esynergy

“I’m still in shock and just so honoured to have been nominated let alone be recognised for a special award from the judges. It goes without saying, a huge thanks to the amazing team I work with who inspire and champion me every day, thank you so much for the nomination it was totally unexpected. It’s so humbling that I’ve not only been recognised for my professional achievements but also my passion for advocating diverse teams. I know what it means to be one of the few minorities in the room so through this recognition I hope to continue championing those that may not have been heard.”

-Lily Glasson, Client Principal at esynergy

 About esynergy

esynergy is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in digital transformation initiatives for enterprise clients. With over 20 years of experience driving business value through technology, esynergy partners with clients to envision, build, and run solutions that meet strategic goals. Our core services include cloud adoption, data analytics, custom application development, and cybersecurity. 


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