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Transforming HMRC with DevOps innovation

With 45 million individual customers and 5 million business customers, HMRC handles £2.3 billion in transactions and collects £636.7 billion in annual revenue. Behind the scenes there are 4,800 IT professionals facilitating this mass of complex activity, with a large number now dedicated to digital projects. These factors frame the organisation’s critical need for DevOps practices that enable the delivery of innovative applications and services at high velocity.

A revolutionary solution came in the form of the multi-channel digital tax platform (MDTP), an initiative that esynergy helped to build and operate. We recently caught up with Ben Conrad, the Head of Agile Delivery at HMRC, who explained how MDTP has facilitated innovative digital tax services and what has been learned along the way. In this article, we will explore the valuable insights shared by Ben and take a closer look at HMRC’s DevOps journey.