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Teams as a Service – leanness and agility in development teams

To be competitive in today’s market, your business needs to be agile – poised to seize any opportunity and to stay one step ahead of the competition. Nowhere is agility more important than in technology, particularly software development. Today’s consumer is tech-savvy and incredibly demanding. Tech solutions are penetrating our lives more and more every day and expectations grow as consumers are exposed to new gadgets, new applications and new capabilities.

The solution for keeping up with the need for software development that can be on pace with the market has traditionally been to build large, multi-disciplined development teams that could produce and innovate rapidly.

But the expense of maintaining such a team has simply become too costly. Developers command high salaries because they can. Demand is great. And the more experience they have, the more expensive they become to retain.

With such high demand for programmers and a finite supply of quality applicants, it is no wonder industry experts are predicting a shortfall of up to 900,000 development professionals in the EU by 2020.

The current trend is for leanness and agility in development teams. Even industry giants like Microsoft have drastically scaled back on large development teams and businesses are desperate for ways to cut development costs while remaining competitive in introducing new software to the market.