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Why Python developers hold the key to Blockchain breakthroughs

Beyond the world of crypto and the hype that surrounds it, blockchain has other critical roles to play in our future. As this realisation grows among organisations, the need for skilled individuals who can program for blockchain is increasing rapidly. Specialised blockchain developers alone cannot cater to the exponential increase in demand, but Python developers are uniquely positioned to channel their capabilities, support this evolution, and benefit from it massively.

Python has not only survived the past two decades of IT industry development, but it has also thrived and grown. Those skilled in the famous language now have a chance to take its founding ambition to the next level and continue being the glue that links systems together, a capability that is more important now than ever before. Python is being used to build APIs, to create AI solutions, and now it is set to enable the full potential of blockchain.

With Python positioned to be a game changing enabler of innovation once again, developers should begin adapting their existing skillsets and building their knowledge to create bridges between blockchain and existing systems. In this article, we will explore the preparations Python developers need to make, and why the language is so well suited to the task at hand.