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Is your cloud estate ready for next generation technology?

The decade of cloud computing

We’re now entering the decade of cloud computing. There are numerous business leaders who’ll argue that the last decade was dedicated to the adoption of enterprise cloud computing. But, the events of 2020 and the global COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated that many organisations, and vertical markets, haven’t yet fully realised the value of cloud computing. 

Failure to learn the lessons of 2020 will see organisations struggle to adapt to the complete reshaping of their sectors by the wave of next-generation technologies – technologies that use the power of cloud computing. New methods for managing data, business processes, transactions, communications, connectivity – and even interaction with devices – will transform the workplace and the customer experience. Each and every one of these technologies depends on the organisation having a cloud computing estate and capabilities in place. Without the right estate and abilities in place, organisations will not be able to benefit from the opportunities afforded by the next generation of technologies.